Chapter 38: Battle Against the Metallic Tentacles


With the two Kamehameha pushing it forward, the ship immerged from the Planet’s atmosphere smoothly, like a Dragon ascending to heaven.

As soon as Raditz felt that the ship wasn’t being attracted to the ground anymore, he decided to stop the twin Kamehameha.

“Goku, let go back into the ship!”

“Wait! Look over there! Goku pointed to the surface of the planet, where a pit was formed by their attack. Looking his face, Raditz realized that they were in big trouble; he looked down immediately.

The dark surface of the planet around the impact collapsed, turning the ensuing pit into fantastic pattern of rising black metal, looking like a rather dark forest. Suddenly, dozens of long strips of metal were extended from the pit, forming massive arms that ran at the two!

The arms spread out, leaving no free angle, and started shooting bullets. At the same time, they continued to spread and stretch, as if reaching for the spaceship!

“It changed its strategy.” Raditz was shocked and launched a series of Ki Blasts to defend the space shit, flying around and trying to keep the arms from shooting. “Goku, blow the main body directly!

After some struggle, he managed to eliminate several mechanical arms, and their metallic claws fell from the sky weakly.

However, bigger and thicker ones rose from the ground, quickly rushing towards the space ship. Their armor was thicker, with sharp shards poking out of every articulation like teeth. They madly charged forward attacking!


“They’re endless!” As Goku held off one of them, he saw what seemed like an infinity of them following, going out of the dark pit.

The two couldn’t stop the arms. Although they were weak, there were too many, and Raditz and Goku’s attack, while destroying them, weren’t able to reduce their numbers.

In the midst of their confusion, a large number of the arms bypassed them and entangled the space ship, pulling it back violently toward the planet!

Goku understood that he and Raditz were not the targets. The spaceship was what mattered!

At this time, Vegeta also jumped out of the main cabin, rushing forward and destroying several arms with a Ki blast.

“Raditz, Kakarot, what are you doing?”

“Vegeta, be careful.”

“I don’t need your worry!” said Vegeta, sending Ki Blasts one after another towards the gathering of arms pulling the ship, and causing a massive explosion!

It was as if “the pit” sensed that something bad was about to happen to its “main arm” pulling the ship, and the other arms got dense around it, reinforcing it and keeping it from collapsing.

For this reason, the ship remained tied and started to be slowly dragged to the ground: the battle against these mechanical arms wasn’t over yet!

The pattern on the Metal Planet’s ground expanded again, and the slender robotic arms took a side to give way for a new creature to immerge! Out from the pit, a massive robotic thing immerged, drawing metal from its surroundings.

The giant stood, growing constantly, and was getting more and more similar to a human body; a skeleton like frame was erected little by little, having a skull, a human like spine, arms…. until it was complete! Gradually metal continued to gather around it, filling its insides and covering it in superposed layers that mimicked muscles, skin, and even hair!

Only its upper body was visible, for its lower body was hidden deep within the dark pit from which it immerged. The scene was hard to believe, and the being eventually reached the sky!

“What exactly is that thing?! It’s so huge!” Goku was shocked.

“Whatever it is, I’ll just take it down!” Vegeta did not care so much, and directly rushed in toward the giant, bombarding it with a shower of Ki Blasts, sending debris in all directions.

His attack did work! He was always the one to stay the longest in the gravity room. His power level had already reached 100.000! Now, every one of his Ki Blasts seemed to hold the potential of blowing up anything!

His attacks knocked the Giant’s body to the ground, and the arms that were trapping the ship were also ripped off completely under the shower of his attacks, falling on the ground like scrap.

Raditz flickered into the spaceship, and he checked out the manual to restart the supercharge system.

“Beep beep…” Just as Raditz followed the instructions, a series of warning appeared on his screen, and red signs flickered upon it, stunning Raditz!

“What’s wrong?” Piccolo asked.

“We’re temporarily out of power. We have no choice but to land…” As Raditz was talking, the sounds made by the ship became weaker. Although the spaceship was eventually freed from the pulling force of the mechanical arms, its engine could no longer work after going all out for such a prolonged time. Trying to continue their journey would make the ship likely to explode in space!

“We have to land on this planet?” Krillin panicked after all he had seen.

“If you have any other suggestion, feel free to speak up!” Raditz answered.

Tien was also in cold sweat murmuring besides the porthole: “Are we going to die here?”

“Not necessarily, we still don’t know what this planet is like. It is too early to jump into conclusion.”

“But this metal planet has no food and water; sooner or later we will die!” Krillin gulped.

Raditz shook his head, while preparing to make an emergency landing. While carefully looking at the monitors he said: “The Ship’s scans show that the atmosphere here is suitable for our survival. On top of that, the planet does have some water, but in small quantities. In other words, even though metal has taken over the majority of this planet’s surface, there must be small places of land where we could survive!” He then turned at Krillin saying: “But none of that matters. The ship will take only five hours before it’s fully operational!”

As he was speaking, he saw Vegeta’s figure sent flying besides the spaceship!

Raditz was shocked. He immediately flew out of the ship, followed by Piccolo.


The two saw a metal warrior even larger than the behemoth they had destroyed just now. its eyes were golden, its shiny dark bodie was covered with jagged spikes, and a dark liquid was flowing slowly though metal pipes that linked everything.

Goku was sent flying right after Vegeta who was caught in midair by Raditz.

The force with which Vegeta was thrown was so great, it shook Raditz and made him take a step back to think things over.

“Be careful, it can absorb our energy, using Ki Blasts is ineffective!” Goku wiped the blood on the corner of his mouth and gasped.

At this moment, Vegeta came back to it, filled with anger. All of them were tense, for things were too unpredictable.