Chapter 37: The Metal Planet


After nearly two days of navigation in space, the spacecraft flew in a super high speed mode, smoothly, without any obstacles. Everyone was organized to switch between the practice and rest.

The spacecraft was equipped with an emergency device; if a major situation was to occur; the alarm would be set off immediately, so there was need to worry.

There was no time reference in the universe, only a black lacquer could be seen on the outside. Time was only measured by the navigation instruments.

Raditz took a shower and walked out of the bathroom, holding a bath towel on his shoulder, only wearing his underwear. He was very satisfied with his current strong body, flexing for a long time in front of the mirror.

He went back to the main cabin, and decided to watch space for a moment through the huge transparent shield.

After the training, Gohan and Goku finished their showers and also came to the main cabin alongside Piccolo, to take a break.

“Uncle Piccolo, let’s eat something!”

“I don’t need to eat food to sustain my life.”

“But me, I have to…” Gohan’s eager look faded.

Piccolo suddenly changed his face, and said: “Ok then, let’s eat a little.”

A big smiled took shape on Gohan’s face, like a sun sweeping the haze.

Raditz, who facing them, smiled. It was a wise decision to let Gohan and Piccolo train together; they made a natural pair. Piccolo could be seen as an arrogant and unsocial person. He usually only spoke to Goku, and it was hard to discern if he was still an enemy or a friend, and only Gohan realized his inner gentleness.

Great feeling of mentor-apprentice was built between them during the one-year training time, and their relationship developed very naturally.

“Big Brother, don’t you come and eat?” Goku was chewing a square snack.

“I am not hungry, you…” His voice was interrupted by the sudden sounding of the ship’s alarm.

The interior was tainted with red like and all the non-necessary functions stopped instantly, including the gravity training room. Everyone rushed to the main cabin, with panic on their faces.

Vegeta rushed to the pilot seat, checked the meters. The others looked outside, without seeing any traces of danger.

“There’s nothing!”

“The spacecraft is set to automatically avoid debris in the universe, so there is no risk of collision.”

“was there a sudden explosion?”

“Not detected either.”

The alarm wasn’t shut down, on the contrary, it was getting louder and louder, and the red flashing lights went faster and faster, as if dangerous things were about to happen.

Raditz felt his body falling straight down. The spacecraft’s engine seemed not to work anymore, and a surrounding distorted gravity field, like that of a huge blackhole was severely attracting the spacecraft!

“Look below!” Krillin was standing on the side of porthole, and his eyes swept to the lower part of the scene.

It was a strange planet, oval in appearance, dark golden, glowing. Its dull tone seemed to be cold, and their spaceship is approaching the planet, as if it was being absorbed by it!

Reviewing their journey’s trajectory, and after calculation, this planet shouldn’t have been there. How could this happen so suddenly?!

“Push the engines to the maximum, we must leave this place, if we get pulled down, we may crash!” Raditz exclaimed, without calculating, sensing the absolute danger of falling by their acceleration.

“We are breaking through the atmosphere!”

Sparks were rubbed out in the atmosphere, flames and vibrations came together, and people inside felt violent turbulence, incomparable uneasiness rushed to their hearts. To encounter such a thing in an unfamiliar area could be absolutely fatal. They all wished had brought Bulma along! After all, she was an expert and more familiar with technology. There is no problem she couldn’t fix.

Vegeta pushed the power to the maximum, however, it still couldn’t completely stop the huge attraction; they remained in a stalemate. It seemed that something held their spaceship, pulling it down straight. The ship, like bird learning to fly, struggled to remain at high altitude.

The alarm flashed violently, the sound was sharp. The whole spaceship was shaking.

“Alright, there must be an operation manual somewhere! Krillin, where did Bulma put the manual?” Raditz suddenly asked.

“In, in the blind on the console!”

Raditz immediately rushed to the console, flipped through the manual, and while pressing the button on the panel, a series of graphic data appeared on the screen. In a hurry, Raditz frowned

The atmosphere of this planet wasn’t much different from Earth’s, which meant that human-like creatures could be living here! Curiously, the water content here seemed to extremely minimal, and the metal seemed to cover most of the planet.

The closer they were, the more surprised they became. The ground presented a metallic color, and countless tall buildings stood between the sky and the earth, even mountains were metallic! The vertical and horizontal steel frame went out of the city, and the shiny, unknown metal, covered everything.

“How is this possible?” Raditz’s forehead was in sweat.

“What happened?”

“We have to leave the planet; it is made entirely of metal, and it has… life!”

As he spoke, everyone can’t help but feel creeped out, as if poisonous snakes were climbing up their spines.

The spaceship was sucked by the great gravity, as if it was under the will of the planet. Did it want to engulf the spaceship?

Everyone was shocked, and the driving force, almost barely unbearable, became more and more powerful.

Raditz made up his mind and opened the hatch.

“I am going out, Goku, come with me.”

“What’s your plan?”

“Let’s use some Ki Blast to push the spacecraft away. If we combine our forces, it should be enough.”

“Let’s do it.” Goku immediately understood what he meant and nodded.

They flew to the back of the spaceship, hugged the hull, growled, concentrated their energy in their hands and compressed it into spheres.

“Ka-me-ha-me…” Both prepared to launch two Kamehameha!


In unison, the two launched their powerful attack. Blue light overshadowed the flame ejected by the cosmic ship. The huge counter-thrust that erupted indeed pushed the spacecraft to the sky.

The metal planet’s attraction was no match for the terrible energy of the Kamehameha, which directly hit its metal surface. After the dull impact, a roaring explosion sounded, and smoke was spreading.

With the smoke rising, the space ship successfully broke free from the planet’s pull!