Chapter 36: Journey through the Vast Galaxy

After facing death during the previous battle, Raditz warned everyone and asked them to train with moderation! Indeed, he felt that training too hard could back-fire. If only he thought of that before raising gravity inside the chamber!

The last number he could remember was x159. That was too high for them to move, and calling it a challenge would be an understatement. If Goku did not cut the power in time, he and Vegeta would have sustained serious injuries.

Fortunately, they thought of having an alternate way to cut the power, or otherwise… Raditz did not even dare to think about it. However, this was good in a way, at it gave Vegeta a taste of how intense gravity training could get, and stopped him from underestimating this seemingly ordinary building.

The next day, the real training began! Vegeta was a loner, occupying the main training room, while others were divided into two batches that alternately used other side rooms. The Saiyans and Piccolo were training under ultra high gravity, while the others waited for them to come out.

They started with the basics: Squats, Push-ups, burpees…. to get familiar with the gravity. Next, they practiced basic punching and kicking patterns. After a training day, Vegeta fell in love with this training environment.

Some people hate boring and repetitive things like training, while others enjoy them and devote their whole life to them. Repeating a punch tens of thousands of time relentlessly, just to increase one’s punching speed by a fraction of a second was the way of a Sayian. Besides their genetics, this treat was the main reason behind their rise as a fighting nation.

So, over the following two weeks, everyone frantically practiced, trying to raise their strength to a higher level. During that time, Bulma completed building the cosmic Dragon Ball Radar, and refueled the large spacecraft with enough fuel for a month. The day of departure was approaching, and they were ready to travel to the universe, with the “HOPE” spaceship, heading into the vast galaxy.

On the day of departure, everyone gathered at Bulma’s place. Muten Roshi also came, and Yamcha decided not to go along with them. He felt that he was far behind them, and didn’t want to slow them down. Instead, he decided to keep practicing in the gravity room on earth.

It was not easy for Gohan to get the approval of his mother Chi-Chi, but Raditz played a big role, as his uncle. Unlike Goku, Raditz was able to get Chi-chi’s trust more easily.

Once on board of the spacecraft, each one of them would have certain task.

In order to test his strength, Vegeta fought with Goku and then with Raditz. It was impossible for Nappa to fight on par with them, just like the others. Piccolo didn’t want to come, as he was aware that he was surpassed by the Saiyans. However, seeing that Gohan went along with them too, he finally decided to join them.

“Goodbye! I will do it! Next time I’ll be stronger, and I’ll come with you! Hahahaha!” Yamcha waved to everyone, and Oolong joined him to say goodbye.

Raditz responded politely with a cold smile, secretly thinking: ‘Nope, not gonna happen! Sorry bro!”

“Tien Shinhan…” One of the ones remaining on earth just wanted to talk but was suddenly pushed aside. A yellow-haired woman walked to the front with a gun. “Tien Shinhan, you better come back alive, I will wait for you!” Launch was now in a yellow-haired state, looking like a Super Saiyan without an aura!

Tien was scared, his three eyes wandering, with his forehead sweating!

“Chi-Chi, Bulma, Muten Roshi, everyone, we are leaving! The earth is for you now.” Goku laughed and waved his arms, very excited about the upcoming journey.

That’s how he always looked at everything, optimistically. But when he had to be cautious, he was never confused.

Chi-Chi was weeping with a handkerchief, watching Goku and Gohan leaving. Muten Roshi patted her back and comforted her: “Do not worry, Goku. I will take care of her for you, and protect Earth.” He said with a smile.

“You’re just getting left behind in power, old man.” Bulma said.

“Oolong, what do you think?”

“She’s right, having your words is no insurance…”

“Bulma, if you say so…” Muten Roshi was struck, and with his deep sigh, everyone laughed.

Inside the spaceship, Vegeta has been waiting impatiently: “Kakarot, come in!”

“I’m coming!”

The last one entered the space ship was Goku. The hatch closed, and the huge circular spacecraft flew into space.

“Wow, will they be okay? After all, the two others Saiyans are evil.”

Muten Roshi held his cane and looked up at the sky. He cheered for the fighter in his heart. When they were gone, he showed a grim smile; ‘You thought that Earth could rely only on young guys, I’ll prove you wrong, Bulma!”

At the moment he turned back, a heavy punch hit him, almost sending him to space…

The vast dark universe was silent and desolate. Countless planets were spinning in the deep darkness, reflecting the transparent light quietly. The distant nebulae were glossy with pale white sparkling bright spots and bright purple star dust rolling around its edges. It looked like it was infected by frost and covered with mist. It gave the group a fantastic and beautiful view.

The infinite universe was full of the unknown, and this fascinating mystery was what pushed them to keep exploring.

Inside the spacecraft, Vegeta steered and set up an automatic flight to the position shown by the Dragon Ball Radar after entering a predetermined orbit. Before that, King Kai had already passed a message to Raditz: he told them that Tullece was uncertain and often changed his itinerary. Tullece wasn’t afraid of Frieza, and wanted to take advantage of the several conflicts he was engaged in, to deceive him. Otherwise, with his current power level, he knew that he would be no match for him.

He kept a low profile to avoid trouble, and as long as he gathered some valuable intelligence, he could pass by him unseen.

But no matter where he went, the Dragon Ball Radar could track him.

The spacecraft continued to fly, and everyone decided to start practicing. The internal gravity chamber was relatively small, and only three people could enter at a time. They managed their order and exchanged turn.

They only had seven Senzu beans. In order to save them, Raditz told them not to train too hard and for too long, to prevent the need of consuming them too early.

Beside to the gravity chamber, the bathroom and chambers were comfortable, including a variety of leisure equipment. Raditz specially requested the best sound system, to listen to his favorite song: “Dan Dan Kokoro Hikareteku”. Listening to this song during training or relaxation was his cup of tea!

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