Chapter 35: The Gravity Chamber


When Raditz and Nappa returned to Bulma’s place, everyone was waiting for them. Vegeta was very impatient to start training, but was waiting for Raditz to show up.

There were two built-in gravity training rooms; one of them was built at Bulma’s home. After all, her place was large, and turning many of its rooms to gravity training rooms was nothing to her. The other was actually a gravity device installed on the new spacecraft “HOPE”. It combined some debris of Tullece’s spaceship and the Saiyan single-person spacecraft, to be suitable for long-distance space navigation.

At first, Vegeta saw a hemispherical ordinary house-like building, and was very disdainful. Raditz knew how useful this stuff would be; he looked forward to try it a lot!

“Everyone, I have waited for this for a long time. Let’s go in.” Raditz was the first to enter the gravity room, others were close behind.

Walking in, one could see that the walls were in shiny white silver. A central control system was used as a pillar to support the roof. All kinds of precise adjustment modules were available. Besides that, it had highly fortified flooring. The empty room had no ornaments or equipment; it was completely empty for those who seek training. There were only four pieces of transparent glass around it.

The spaceship on the other hand was large enough to welcome several people at the same time, and there were separated dressing rooms, bathing rooms and lounges on the side. The central control module buttons could be used to adjust the humidity, temperature, content of the air, etc… Also, small attack robots were flying in the air.

Then there were the improvements that Raditz proposed according to his own expectations, to surpass ordinary gravity rooms. Gravity here could be multiplied by up to 200 times, which was clearly more than enough, for the time being.

“So this place is the perfect place to train?” Vegeta looked around with disdain.

Compared with the technology of Planet Vegeta, Earth’s technology looked really rubbish. Vegeta had a feeling of being deceived.

“Yes, it is.”

“Are you kidding me? It’s not even as good as the mountains!”

“Don’t worry; do you think the device here is for decoration?” Raditz smiled and strode to the center console. “Now we are in an environment with twice Earth’s gravity, that is, the most common one, double gravity. Next, let’s try 10 times gravity, which is the same as Planet Vegeta.”

As he spoke, Raditz pressed the buttons, entering the number 10 into the system. The screen flashed twice, and then stabilized. Suddenly the floor vibrated slightly, accompanied by the strange noise shocked everyone. In the next second, the color of the room suddenly changed, light faded, and a dark red radiance overflowed the entire space! Red light meant 10 times gravity!”

Vegeta and Nappa had been on Earth for a while now; the suddenly feeling of returning to Planet Vegeta again took them by surprised. It was as if the ground was pulling them down…

“It’s amazing, it works!” Goku shouted. “Actually, that’s exactly what I expected, that’s great!”

“As long as you can get the same effect of training on King Kai’s planet, it’s good.”

“Hum.” Vegeta was still unsatisfied; his eyes staring at Raditz as if saying: “That’s it?”

“Next, we’ll try 15x gravity.” Raditz changed the number again; then pressed the confirmation button, and after a brief reaction, a vibration, and a beep, the gravity suddenly increased.

At the same time, intelligent devices automatically changed the parameters such as air pressure and humidity to create the most suitable environment possible.

“15 times gravity… It’s a bit challenging…” Krillin grinned bitterly; drops of sweat coming out of his forehead.

Yamcha was in a worse condition, holding his knees; he could barely move.

It’s been few days now that they didn’t practice, and their body was very relaxed. Entering the gravity room without any preparation and going from 1 to 15 times gravity was a real challenge!

For a Saiyan, 15x was nothing, and Vegeta showed a skeptical look: “Is it really possible to improve our power level with this?”

He clasped his hands around his waist, raised his eyebrows, and was full of doubt.

Provoked by his behavior, Raditz said: “You seem skeptical, let’s experience high gravity directly! You should go out first guys, leave me with Vegeta; let me introduce this to him separately.” Raditz smiled, with an irrefutable dignity in his tone.

Goku nodded and took the lead, followed by Gohan and Piccolo.

Despite the fact that they didn’t want to leave, everyone left. They looked though the gravity room’s glass windows. The two Saiyan stood staring at each other, as if they were about to fight!

Under 15x gravity, the two were very relaxed. Raditz’s hand sneaked to the control number, entering 50 immediately.

-Buzz- -Buzz-

Suddenly, gravity increased quickly. Was Raditz just out of his mind?

In an instant, he looked like in distress. He tried to brace himself, but it was already too late, his joints cracked, and his legs trembled slightly. Vegeta was not much better. He lowered his arms trying to balance himselce, and his face became pulled down!

“How about that?” Raditz deliberately asked.

“Well, it’s a little better than how it used to be… Just to say, basically… it’s nothing…”

“Then, let’s see how far you could go:” Raditz put his finger on the button on the side of the input. This button could directly double the gravity without entering a number. From 50x gravity, it went and quickly doubled!

The two stared at each other, their faces became blue, and they breathed heavily. They remained up, trying to show each other that they were okay, but their eyes were getting bloodshot, exposing their struggle.

“If this is… too much for you… I can… bring it down….”

“I can… take it…”



The two didn’t have enough strength to keep speaking, their bodies supported the pressure, but their internal organs were being squished by the soaring gravity. If it wasn’t for their high Ki supporting their bodies, they would’ve died instantly.

The crowd watching through the glass didn’t know what was going on. They saw that the numbers on the display kept rising and then shouted:

“Raditz put 100x gravity!”

“Vegeta looks good though!”

“Look at them, standing still under such gravity…”

“Gravity is now 150x! Look, they, they… they fell! They’re down!”

“Save them!” Krillin yelled.

“Goku, cut off the power!”