Chapter 34: A Dragon Ball is Missing!


The small spacecraft finally left Earth’s atmosphere out of Raditz’s reach. The latter stopped and raised his Ki to let the others know his position.

The Tree of Might expansion had to be stopped, and there was only one way to do so: The Dragon Balls!

“Bulma, give me the Dragon Radar!”


“We must summon Shenron, as soon as possible!” Raditz urged.

Bulma was in cold sweat as she pointed to the plane that crashed. “It’s broken…”

“No, here it is.” Muten Roshi took out the Dragon Ball radar, and his sunglasses flashed with wisdom! “I expected we’ll need the Dragon Radar, so I took it with me, to keep it safe.”

“Muten Roshi, you’re the best!” Raditz was overjoyed.

“That… I don’t know if I got it wrong, but the person who looks like Goku took something from me.” Bulma’s voice was getting smaller, as if she done something unforgivable!

“What was it?”

“It was Gohan’s… hat.”

“It’s just a hat, forget about…” Raditz was waving his hand indifferently when the truth of the matter suddenly hit him like a truck! “Does Gohan’s hat still have the Dragon Ball on top of it?!”

Muten Roshi was also shocked: “Yes, after making our last wish, I searched for the four stars ball, and found it! I wanted to give it back to Gohan, but I always forgot, and I just brought it along today!”

When they were talking, Goku vaguely revealed the existence of Dragon Balls earlier. Although Tullece had never seen them, he should guess what they are when seeing one. If Tullece indeed took one with him, they; no, Earth was in big trouble!

At this time, everyone gathered around the spaceship’s debris, to see if there were by any chance some survivors.

What about Tullece now?” Vegeta took the lead in asking questions.

“Let him go.”

“Let him go?!”

“But he took a dragon ball!” Muten Roshi added.

At the time, everyone’s face became pale, and they got nervous. The Tree of Might was growing too fast. Without the power of the Dragon Ball to prevent the disaster, Earth would be destroyed!

“You just beat Tullece, and now you can’t save the Earth? What a worthwhile fight!” It didn’t matter much to Vegeta, but he knew that for Goku and his friends, earth was their home planet!

“Let’s go to Kami! Maybe he’d have a solution!” Goku suggested, and before anyone answered, he screamed in surprise; “Look! It’s Mr. Popo!”

Looking to where he was pointing, everyone saw a dark-skinned man coming on a flying carpet in the distance, holding a delicately decorated pot in his hands.

“Mr. Popo! Kami sent you here?”

“Goku!” Bobo stopped his magic carpet; “Kami saw the Tree, so he asked me to give you this: it’s called ‘Sacred Water’. If you spill it on the roots of the Tree of Might, it should stop it from spreading.”

“Sacred water? Isn’t that for drinking?” Goku remembered how he used Sacred Water when fighting against King Piccolo.

“Sacred water itself is highly toxic, but also has a detoxifying effect, and could be sufficient to deal with such tree. Indeed, this tree also comes from Gods, that’s why Kami agreed that you try the water on it.”

Popo gave the pot to Goku.

“Sacred water?” Goku was dubious, but he had nothing to lose if he tried. He spread all the water in the pot on the roots of the tree.

The effect was immediate, and the expansion of the tree indeed stopped. However, the consequences of its existence were not reversed, as almost a quarter of Earth had already fallen into a state of extinction!

“We still have to find the Dragon Balls!”

In order to reach this goal, it was necessary to upgrade the Bulma’s spacecraft, and to locate the Dragon Ball’s position. With that, everyone had no option but to take a short break.

During this time, Bulma developed a new Cosmic Dragon Radar, and Raditz asked her father to build a gravity training room.


During the following two weeks, violent incidents took place everywhere on the earth, and the turmoil didn’t stop. Large and small cities, villages were competing for the remaining resources, and armed groups have waged wars for their survival.

Leaders assigned a number of troops to rescue and suppress the events, and try to stabilize the situation. Natural disasters and man-made disasters caused peace to gradually fade away.

Raditz floated high and could see the port and the sea connected to it at a glance. It was the last piece of purity on earth. The sun shined through some scattered clouds casting massive shapes of shade on the sea surface.

In his past life, Raditz grew up in coastal city, and there were countless ships entering and leaving the port every day.

When he was a child, he never went home directly after school, and often went to watch the sea alone. The vastness of the sea was always able to calm his soul; this carried on to this life. After a hard day of training, being able to stay in front of the sea, under the sunset and look at the distant view always brought him happiness. Moreover, it’s been a while since he saw the sea for the last time.

“Raditz, how long will you stay here? Vegeta said that the gravity chamber was ready if you want to train” Nappa’s hand rested on Raditz’s shoulder.

“Do you like Earth?”


“Look at this view; you can’t find that on other planets!”

Nappa was actually slightly dumbfounded by the scene. Looking at the boundless clear sea meet the beautiful sky at the horizon was rather mesmerizing. Seagulls flew by in the wind; the waves whispered; the air was refreshing and soothing!


“Well… yes.” Nappa said, “But Vegeta call…”

“Let him wait.”


“You’re afraid of him, and not of me?” Raditz asked coldly.


Nappa could not argue with him. Indeed, at this time, Raditz was the strongest among them all; even Vegeta had to admit it!

“Enjoy this good life while you can, for it’s too short” Raditz said.

In fact, in the past two months, Nappa also felt very comfortable on the Earth. His bellicose personality found its perfect environment when he encountered video games!

He liked all kinds of combat games. Despite the fact that he often lost to Raditz, his enthusiasm didn’t diminish. Besides training, fighting video games became his main hobby.

Vegeta and Goku fought each other, and Vegeta lost. Losing to both brothers, Vegeta made up his mind to surpass them, training relentlessly day and night!

In the evening, they all gathered around a good meal, and this was the stage for another battle: the eating! Vegeta may have lost the fighting training, but refused to lose the Food War! The others had to sit on separate tables just to be able to save their food from the attack of the Saiyans!

Gohan kept training too: besides playing video games with Nappa and his uncle, he often joined Piccolo to train.

The coconut trees were swaying in the breeze. Under the sun, Muten Roshi with his eternal sunglasses lied on a lounger, a tastefully picked magazine in hand…

“Let’s go, the gravity training room should be ready by now.” Raditz turned around, giving the sea more look before he left.