Chapter 33: Escape


With his tail cut off, Tullece immediately began reverting to his human form, and his power level quickly dropped.

Raditz gave thumbs up to Yajirobe and praised him. With the plan failing at its end, it was Yajirobe that saved the day. However, the latter wasn’t listening to him, as he ran away as far as he could!

‘After saving the day, he asks for no glory of fame!’ One might think. Indeed, his deeds seemed fitting of the caliber of a legendary warrior of justice.

However, all that Yajirobe actually thought of was: ‘Damn, this might not be enough to beat him, I’m not going to take any risks!”

In fact, Tullece was at a dead end with no way out. Although Raditz, Goku and Vegeta were all tired, when that peculiar aura shined out of the former two, their power level would suddenly multiply. He knew that this was his end!

At the same time, Kakao climbed out of the ground breathing a sigh of relief. Tien Shinhan blasted him into the ground, but didn’t kill him. His jetpack was broken, so he won’t be able now to accelerate. This made him powerless before these warriors. Seeing that Tullece was defeated, he quickly fled, without being noticed. The battle was lost, but there was no need to surrender. Besides, he was just a bounty hunter; he knew when to fight, and when to escape.

Without any hesitation, as he was leaving, he suddenly looked up, and saw a spacecraft flying toward the Tree of Might. On board, he saw an old man, a pig, a beautiful woman, and a blue haired girl who was flying the plane: ‘No doubt, they must be related to the earthlings we just fought!’ he thought. He decided to discreetly jump on the plane’s top, and ride it to get closer of the scene.

“Get out of my away! Or I’ll kill you all! I’m Lord Tullece!”

With these loud words, the others were shocked, as they saw hopes in Tullece’s eye. In fact, he just saw Kakao coming to rescue him!

Kakao, hijacked the plane, and was thinking about the seeds of the Tree of Might; Only Tullece held the seeds. If he fled alone, he could kiss this easy way to enhance his strength goodbye. Beside, with some hostages in hand, he decided he was in a position to try saving his captain.

“What’s wrong?” Bulma suddenly felt the plane was unstable and something was pressing over her.

Muten Roshi felt the powerful Ki on the spacecraft’s top, and told the others to land with a simple gesture. “It seems we have just been hijacked.”

“What? What should we do! What should we do?!” Oolong screamed and his face became pale; “I don’t want to die, I don’t want to die!”

“Shut up! Don’t you want to see if beautiful extraterrestrial woman exist?” Muten Roshi said.

“Muten Roshi, I bet you do as well!” Oolong responded

“Don’t talk to me like this!” They saw Goku as they quarreled

Bulma was about to land, but found that she had lost control of spacecraft. Kakao hacked its system, and went straight toward Tullece.

Bulma wanted to see the end of the battle, and why the surroundings were so destroyed. Earthquakes came one after another, making them uneasy. Just after locating her friends thanks to the scouter, she told Muten Roshi, Oolong and Launch to come with her to the battlefield. She never guessed they would become hostages…

The plane stopped slowly as it scratched the ground. Kakao and Tullece laughed proudly when they heard Bulma and Oolong inside the plane shouting “Goku!” They didn’t know that Goku was the earth name of Kakarot!

Tullece gasped heavily and held the cockpit in one hand.

“Look Lord Tullece, I took a few hostages, they won’t dare to kill you, will they?”

Vegeta didn’t care and started to gather Ki in his palm.

“Wait, Vegeta!” Raditz quickly held Vegeta’s wrist. “These people in the spacecraft are with us.”

“I don’t care!”

“I want to save them. It’s not the time yet to deal with Tullece.” Raditz’s tone was also very serious, and the two men looked at each other; sparks almost flying between their eyes.


Vegeta removed Raditz’s hand and turned his back.

“That’s it, Raditz! Let us go now, and don’t come after us!”

“No way, what guarantee do we have that you wouldn’t kill them? Don’t push me too hard, or else…” Raditz had a hard time restraining himself with Tullece provoking him.

“Only one of you who can follow, the others, don’t move!” Tullece grabbed the cabin and slowly lifted off with the plane. “Otherwise, they’ll all perish together!”


Raditz nodded to his friends and went up alone.

After this great battle, Tullece failed miserably. The tragic ending made him feel a little angry. But from the air, he could see that earth’s energy was still being absorbed by the Tree of Might. Suddenly, he laughed again.

‘Did I really lose? They would pay the price anyway, a price they can’t afford! Then I won’ Tullece thought

After a few moments, they reached the location of the spaceship: it was huge with a large portal, like Frieza’s.

“Go away, and let them go.” Raditz asked.

“Don’t rush it; let me get to the spaceship first.”


Kakao prepared a Ki Blast and looked at Raditz provocatively.

“Don’t be impulsive, Kakao!” Tullece stopped him in time, and came in front of him.

“The old man, the pig and the pretty woman, get out.”

Everyone immediately ran down but Tullece stopped and grabbed Bulma. “You, you’ll come with us!”

As he spoke, his eyes suddenly lit up and leaned behind Bulma.

Bulma quickly covered her assets and shouted, “No! I am a beautiful woman, but I am still…”

“Stop screaming! I’ll kill you if you shout again!” Tullece took away her hand and threatened.

Muten Roshi, Oolong and Launch ran behind Raditz and hid, leaving only him and the enemies two facing each other.

“Kakao, you take the plane up and wait for the ship to start before you let her go. If Raditz doesn’t want her to die, he will wait until then, and let us go”

As he spoke, Tullece stepped back to the entrance of the spacecraft, pointed a Ki Blast at Bulma, and swept his eyes back and forth over Raditz.

Kakao kept holding the plane, waiting for the spacecraft to start before he dared to let it go.

The tense confrontation ended in a violent shock, the tail of the spacecraft ignited successfully, Kakao released the plane and suddenly flew toward the spaceship.

Raditz was waiting for this opportunity; his Kaioken speed was much faster than the spacecraft! All of a sudden, he rushed in; quickly caught Bulma, threw her to Muten Roshi, and started to chase the ship.

Howeer, something unexpected happened next! The main spaceship exploded and the smoke and the fire blocked Raditz’s, and at the same time, a single person rushed out of the atmosphere with another smaller spacecraft!

Kakao’s body shattered into pieces in all directions with the fierce explosion. Raditz didn’t expect Tullece to kill his subbordinate!

Tullece knew that his spacecraft would be to slow, and decided to use Kakao as a decoy, and sacrifice him to buy himself sometime!

“Ha ha ha ha ha ha…” A manic laughter echoed from the spacecraft.