Chapter 32: The Z Fighters


The battle bellow was over…

Amond’s high-speed rotation attack wasn’t enough to stop Piccolo. While the rotation granted him immunity from most attacks, his scouter remained fragile. Therefore, Piccolo was able to use an Eye Beam to destroy it! The explosion blinded the behemoth for a short while, which was enough for Piccolo to finish him off.

In fact, after a year of hard training, Piccolo was able to greatly reduce the preparation time for his Makankosappo. Therefore, the small window granted to him by the scouter’s explosion was all he needed to charge the attack and pierce Amond’s heart!

Daiz’s Meteor Balls were being avoided efficiently by Krillin and Yamcha. As they got used to his patterns, they became able to counter attack him. With both Krillin’s Destructo Disk and Yamcha’s Spirit Ball being launched at him, he was overwhelmed and eventually perished.

On the other side, Tien Shinhan used Solar Flare, successfully blinding Kakao. Then, he followed that attack with his Kihoko, pushing his enemy into an ensuing pit that formed in the ground, as if trying to bury him into the core of Earth!

The only ones to be in a hard spot were Gohan and Chiaotzu! Rasin and Lakasei had the upper hand, until they made a fatal mistake: they focused Chiaotzu! Eager to kill their two foes, they decided to focus them one after the other. Chiaotzu was first, and indeed, they brought him to the ground bleeding after a double attack.

With poor Chiaotzu helpless, the two brothers used Gemini Shot together to finish him off. However, the seemingly beat-up Gohan flickered in, standing against their Blast furiously: “STOP HURTING MY FRIENDS!”

Not only did he manage to block their Ki Blast, he also immediately followed it over with his own Masenko, turning both of them into smithereens. As they were swallowed by the light of his attack, they screamed: “Impossible!” for fear and awe merged into one, giving them both a horrible death!

The fighters who just immerged victorious gathered in front of Nappa, who could not even move, and went together towards the Tree of Might.

As they approached, they saw Raditz, and the gigantic Tullece.

“Raditz, what should we do now? This Saiyan is too strong! I’m afraid we are no match to him!” Tien Shinhan was extremely worried.

“Stay calm; together we can do anything!” Raditz shook his head as he also stared at Tullece’s massive figure.

“Damn it! He’s horrifying!” Said Krillin.

“Can’t we defeat him somehow? Perhaps if we cut off his tail like we did to Goku before…” Yamcha tried to offer a solution.

“That’s easier said than done! He must be protecting that really tightly! That tail is less of a weakness and more of a trap right now!” Piccolo was more cautious, knowing that such an idea wouldn’t be so easy.

Raditz took a deep breath and looked back at his companions: “It’s not impossible, but we must all contribute. Remember, we get only one real shot! So…”

Everyone listened to him explaining the plan, and they all agreed that it seemed to be the only valid path.

“Let’s begin!”

Everyone took their spots behind the ruins. They were all scarred and tired, their clothes worn and dusty. They were about to face a strong enemy with great power. Although their lives were at stake, everyone still looked determined. Tullece was abundantly firing Ki blasts all over the place, but they stood still, not even blinking before his threat!

Wind blew over them, bringing a cold chill, and the Great Ape stopped firing his Ki beams. It was time!

“Haha, I didn’t expect I’d have this many people on my side!” Krillin was the one to first rush out of his place, using laughter to kill his inner feeling of uneasiness.

“This might be the last time; cherish it well!” Tien was the second to go.

“We can win!” Raditz yelled firmly, and everyone spread out together!

Taking the lead, Krilling threw a Destucto Disc at the beast. One hit to Tullce’s tail, and this attack should end the battle!

Flying in like the wind, the sharp attack approached Tullece quickly. When it was just about to make contact with him, Tullece suddenly moved!

His gigantic feet were moving fast! The scene of such a giant beast not losing his agility was unimaginable. He avoided the Destructo Disk with ease.

In a heartbeat, he turned around facing Krillin, and throwing a Ki Beam at him!

“Get away!” Raditz knew that the situation was critical, and launched his own Ki Wave to save Krillin.

Tullece did not expect that he attack would be avoided, but he had to pay attention to something else! Gohan was preparing a Masenko. This attack did not worry Tullece, who laughed loudly and gave Gohan his face, taunting him!


An explosion was made Tullece’s face, but he was unscathed.

“You little brat! How dare you challenge me with such puny strength?!”

“What about this?”

Tien Shihan yelled behind Tullece who unconsciously looked back to take a “Solar Flare” to the face!

He was completely blinded momentarily, and Krillin who had escaped his earlier attack had already prepared and launched a second Destructo Disc, launching it at him!

This time, he aimed directly at the root of his tail, preparing to cut it entirely!

Realizing what would happen if the attack he was hearing hit him, Tullece hugged his knees, rolling like a sphere, and escaped the attack!

“Oh no, it failed again!”

“You’ve tried this before! Tullece gradually opened his eyes again as he slowly recovered his vision. His wrath was even stronger. If it wasn’t for his great instinct, he might have been hit successfully.

In anger, he leaped violently, swaying his fist at Tien Shinhan, knocking him away. Then he turned back and opened his mouth, launching a Ki Beam at the frightened Gohan, who lost his wits for a second!

As the latter was about to be swallowed by the light, two Ki blasts suddenly came through countering Tullece’s attack! Piccolo and Goku both stood behind Gohan, using all their power to protect him. A massive explosion occurred because of the collision!

Raditz took the opportunity to jump in, and Yamcha also leaped in and sprinted quickly.

“Solar Flare!” Tien Shinhan did not lose his grip, and once again went for the same attack!

Tullece was surprised, but he did not dare look at him, directly shooting him with a Ki Wave, hitting him directly!

Just as he breathed a sigh of Relief, he saw Tien Shinhan running at him from the other side and splitting into four!

“How……” Tullece didn’t have time to exclaim when he was drowned in another Solar Flare coming from all sides! At the same time, Krillin had prepared yet another disc, while Piccolo used Thunder Shock Surprise on him, while grabbing his arm with both hands to intensify the effect!

They were all in perfect sync, and it was a perfect chance.

Tullece was surprised! A non damaging Light Attack, a Ki blast from a child, a slow slicing attack and a weak paralyzing beam, all came together perfectly to put him in such a bad state! He never expected that such tricks would put him in this much danger!

At this time, he body was paralyzed. The Disk could even cut his body, let alone his tail! Krillin’s attack was created with one thing in mind: Killing!

“Let… me… OUT!”

Tullece gnashed his teeth and broke free from Piccolo’s hands, shattering them into pieces in the process. While Piccolo was prepared for that, there was nothing he could do about it.

Tullece immediately stepped forward, breathing a sigh of relief as he used his Ki to form a Barrier strong enough to fend off the 3rd Destructo Disk.

He watched it go into the sky, feeling some ease at last!

“It’s all over, you’re finished…”

“It’s not over yet!”

Over Yamcha’s fingers, a gigantic Power Ball was formed, and it flew to the sky intercepting the Destructo Disk and catching it, then guiding it once again towards Tullece!

“Too weak!” The combined attack wasn’t enough to break through the Ki Barrier!

At this crucial time, Vegeta appeared out of nowhere, launching a powerful Gallick Gun, directly aimed at Tullece! At the same time, Raditz went into Kaioken x5, and launched a Full Power Energy Wave at him as well! The two Saiyans successfully shattered the shield!

The Destructo Disk finally went through, hitting Tullece’s tail.

Unfortunately, the fallen Saiyan still had his instincts, redirecting all the Ki from the shattered Shield to his body. His tail did get a cut, but it remained attached!

“Ha ha ha ha ha!” Tullece laughed and knew they couldn’t stand before him.

“Ha ha ha ha ha … ha … ah …” His face suddenly changed, his body froze! Slowly, he began to change…

Behind him, a Katana had cut off his tail!


Everyone was stunned! Sure enough; when all is at stake, all that is needed is a Yajirobe!