Chapter 31: The Last Chance


“What? Another 40,000 power level warrior!” Tullece was very surprised, feeling a massive energy coming from behind him. He turned back: “Ra… Raditz?”

Raditz, who was just exhausted few moments earlier, was now standing proud on the battlefield. He was like brand new, with no injury. Even more frightening was that Tullece’s scouter accurately displayed Raditz’s current power level, 40,000, which was incredible.

“Damn!” He couldn’t admit it, but he had to face the truth anyway.

Suddenly an idea flashed through his mind ‘Did they also get a fruit? No, no, they didn’t get a chance! Well then, how?’

Tullece’s eyes rolled up and he was puzzled.

“Is this a surprise to you?” Raditz asked with a faint smile.

“You’re only at the power level of 40,000, you’re still far from me!”

“Well then, come on!”

Raditz assumed a fighting posture, gathered both his hands, and unleashed a furious Full Power Energy Wave that went towards Tullece with great speed!

At this time, Goku and Vegeta floated to the sky, flying toward to the top of the Tree of Might!

“Damn it! You’re trying to steal my fruit!”

Tullece noticed their intentions, and became furious. A powerful aura formed around him as he flickered towards the two, avoiding Raditz’s attack. He didn’t care about him now; all he cared about was stopping the other two from eating the fruit, for the results of that would be devastating!

Advancing at full speed, he looked at Vegeta and Kakarot in front of him, and wanted to stop them at any cost.

His eyes were full of hatred, and with a loud cry, Tullece burst into super-high speed and approached them, his aura drawing a long arc in the air!

Just then, a flash of light went past him, and he found a warrior’s figure standing in his way: it was Raditz.

His arm was extended before him, with all his fingers spread out. As his long hair fluttered in the wind, Ki was gathered in his arm, forming a pink Aura: “Saturday Crash!”

A massive impact was caused by the attack, and a loud bang almost deafened those around!

Tullece was just overwhelmed by the attack and brought to his knees.

“Impossible!” Tullece screamed and flew back into the sky. His face was extremely gloomy and his body wasn’t moving right. He could not help but tremble when he saw the red flame on Raditz.

He didn’t believe that Raditz had so much improvement potential, and that he could ever surpassed him, not with him just eating such a powerful Fruit of the Tree of Might! The mere idea sounded preposterous! But that attack just now was no joke. He was indeed overpowered!

(Translator note: While Tullece does exceed 300.000 PL in the film, it happened a while after these events, and his base stats should have been different by then.)

His scouter flashed again for a few times, and after making a sharp noise, it exploded, getting Tullece on cold sweat once again.

“It seems that your scooter can’t go beyond the power level of 100.000!” Raditz smirked, and without wasting time, he rushed at Tullece!

The two collided, and Tullece took the initiative to attack. He tried to intercept the rushing Raditz with a kick around which air went in a spiral. However, Raditz did not try to evade this attack. Instead, he tried to pick up Tullece’s leg, and take the blow with his strong muscles. While his body trembled slightly, his face did not change!

Raditz then pulled Tullece from his leg to his side, while at the same time intercepting his accelerating body with powerful punch. Crimson blood splashed out, and air was filled with the repulsing smell of blood an vomit.

Tullece was being tossed around like a ragdoll, and his mind was completely lost. Had black and blue eyes and he tried desperately to flee. The huge power gap made him panic, and that sensation grew stronger the more he thought of the Fruit wasn’t giving him enough strength!

He had no chance; he had to quickly retreat… he was forced to admit defeat and flew high shouting.

The sky was hidden by the massive tree, but the some small rays of light were passing through the cracks. He looked around, a finally caught the ray he needed: his pupils gradually trembled, flashing from red to white. In mid air, his body began to expand, and sharp teeth began to grow out from the side of his mouth!

He still had his tail! He could use the Power Ball to transform into a great ape! He hated this transformation; it was hideous and hard to control. However, in order to avoid defeat, he had had no other choice!

“Stop!” Raditz was shocked and fired several Ki blasts at Tullece!

In the state of Kaioken x4, his power level reached 160,000, while Tullece’s was only around half of his. Would these blasts be enough to blow him up before the transformation is complete?

To be sure, Raditz didn’t stop his onslaught, and constantly striking him, causing shockwaves in mid-air strong enough to make the earth tremble!

Smoke was everywhere, and a tall, mountain-like body suddenly broke through the it! The ape fell, his shadow hiding whatever light was passing through as he shouted. His furry body took all shot, remaining unscathed!

“He’s too strong!” Raditz wiped his sweat.

After his transformation, Tullece showed a smile and regained his sense of victory. It seemed that he managed to keep his reason after all. He didn’t aim yet for Raditz, but jumped and went to Goku and Vegeta.

Great apes were ten times more powerful. While some could get more out of the transformation, this power-up was satisfying enough for Tullece, as he was definitely the strongest on this battlefield. As long as no one else had access to the Fruit of Might, he could eliminate them all!

“You want to take my fruit! Then, watch me destroying it!” Tullece screamed, his mouth wide open, and a white beam of light came out.

A massive Ki Column swept around the entire area, almost taking off the entirety of the top part of the try. As smoke and dust covered the sky, the fruits were practically wiped out.

Goku and Vegeta managed to pick up a ripe fruit somehow. Although they hated this way, they had no other choice against such an enemy. Vegeta, hating the idea of remaining weaker than Raditz, chose to take a bite.

As he finished taking a bite, he sensed an overwhelming thunderous violent beam approaching him from behind. He and Goku flew away to flee, but the massive impact was so huge, they couldn’t escape! They could only hide behind the thick branches, covering their faces desperately.

When the light faded, the area around them was scorched. Even though they were protected by branches, their upper bodies were bare, and only their trousers were still intact!

Fotunately, in order to maximize his attack’s range, Tullece was forced to reduce its power. Otherwise, the two would’ve been killed.

Raditz looked at the giant Tullece, and quickly thought about how to counter attack. They were no senzu beans left, and the fruits were almost completely destroyed. He had no time to find another surviving fruit or wait for new ripe ones. Earth may not be able to withstand this for that long!

To win, the only way was to cut off Tullece’s tail, but the latter was very cautious. Was there a real chance?

Raditz glanced down and clenched his fist….