Chapter 30: Senzu Beans for Everyone!


Raditz also noticed the Tree of Might fruit near Tullece. If the latter was to successfully get it, things would get out of control! Earth’s soil was richer in nutriments than any others deserted planet that Tullece had ever been to; this fruit would give him an unprecedented power-up instantly!

It was imperative to keep him from ever taking a bite. Therefore, Raditz burst out all of his remaining strength, to rush as fast as possible toward Tullece. He was willing do anything to stop him. Goku also noticed Tullece’s intentions and approached faster in his red aura. Tullece was also on the move, and rushed to the fruit!

The three men moved almost at the same time at full speed, and for the same goal!


A huge impact echoed all around, debris of the tree were scattered all over, and a few of its gigantic solid branches were shattered further away from them. Dust filled the air, blinding everyone.

Raditz’s figure was the first to emerge from this dust.

“Was I too late?” Raditz made himself some distance and stood up staring at the ensuing chaos, heavily gasping. He just burst out Kaioken x4, surpassing his physical limit, and reducing his strength greatly.

Goku also appeared. He waved his way through the smoke and lifted his Kaioken state looking also very tired: “I hit Tullece.”

Goku just slammed Tullece away, smashing him through those heavy branches, with enough strength to break his bones!

“Oh no… Look over there.”

Raditz pointed to the empty branches above them; nothing!

Despite Goku’s powerful blow, Tullece managed to grab the fruit. Things were to get ugly very soon! Raditz was shook inside, and the greatest of his fears, actually happened. The situation couldn’t get any worse!

“Goku, give me a senzu bean, he will come back, we have to be prepared.”

“Senzu bean?”

“Don’t worry, take a senzu bean as well, and send one to Vegeta” Raditz looked at Vegeta and decided to trust him. “Then, let’s pick up the rest of the Tree of Might fruits!”

“How powerful is that fruit?” Goku threw a senzu bean to him.

“Very powerful, beyond imagination!”

Raditz took over the senzu bean and saved it in his pocket. Earth’s soil was giving the Tree of Might and its fruits power beyond expectation. The conditions were optimal; anyone could have a serious power-up with that.

Their conversation was interrupted by an arrogant laugh that pierced through the curtains of dust, revealing the malicious smile of Tullece who was hidden behind them.

Raditz suddenly felt a Ki so powerful, it smothered him. His face turned gloomy almost immediately, for the fruit had indeed made Tullece powerful beyond belief!

The latter advanced slowly, walking almost leisurely with a sneer on his face.

“Kakarot, that strike was so strong! And you, Raditz, and Vegeta over there, since none of you is willing to listen to me, I’ll just send you to hell! What could go wrong for you there, Prince?”

Raditz listened and laughed.

“What are you laughing about?”

“To me, you’re the weakest one here Tullece. You rely on that fruit to up strength, but you’re incomparable to me or Vegeta! Otherwise, why would you bother try to weaken us through battle, going as far as using a Power Ball to mimic the Moon?  You’ve had to use a sneak attack on Piccolo, and now you’re hopelessly struggeling to get fruit from your own tree as a coward just to be able of stealing strength from this planet! After all that cowardice, you dare to put on this -I’m strong and Mighty!- show?”

Raditz glanced at Goku quickly and then advanced to Tullece, “Do you know the difference between you and Vegeta? You don’t have the pricde of a Saiyan!”

“You!” The corner of Tullece’s mouth twitched, and his wrath went through the roof!

At the same time, Raditz yelled: “Goku!” and his brother understood immediately what he meant! He rushed to Vegeta to give him a Senzu bean.

Tullece was stunned for a moment, and didn’t understand Raditz’s intention. He tried to stop Goku by throwing a few Ki Blasts in his way, and then rushed towards him.


Raditz’s hand grabbed Tullece’s ankle and stopped hiz momentum. The latter was surprised by Raditz’s speed and furiously looked at him; “Raditz, I guess I’ll finish you first!” At the same time, he went down like a meteor blasting to the ground!

Raditz only felt the increasing momentum and without hesitation, let go of his opponent to flee!


The impact of Tullece’s fall was only slightly smaller than that brought by the fall of a Great ape, and a massive crater was formed around the rubble made by the impact. Raditz failed to run away, and was caught by the shockwave, to fall to the edge of the crater, unable to move.

“I guess… cough… one more hit…. Cough cough… will be enough?”

“I’ll deliver it with pleasure!” Tullece raised his hand, spreading his fingers apart, and a layer of Ki started to form on his palm. Such a hit was definitely going to be lethal, but Raditz was smiling, for there were to figures before his eyes: Vegeta and San Goku! At this crucial moment, the two ate the Senzu Beans and recovered their stamina!

Goku directly used Kaioken x4, moving in ahead of Vegeta. As his read aura approached Tullece, the figures on the latter’s scouter jumped and he saw their Power Levels hit unprecedented figures!

“Fools!” Tullece turned around, opening his hands, and throwing a pink light that rushed in like a tide.

Goku and Vegeta did not dare take the attack head on, and quickly evaded it.

At this moment, Raditz finally managed to get the Senzu bean in his month, to chew it slowly.

Even when compared to the “magical” effects of the Tree of Might’s fruits, the effects of Senzu beans are nothing to scoff at. That, along with being under “a full moon”, and his Saiyan genetics that get him stronger when approaching death, all formed a perfect match to allow him to break the limits of his current level!

When Raditz opted to save the senzu bean for later, he played a very dangerous game. He did so for two reason, the most obvious being diverting Tullece to give the other two a window to use the Senzu beans while Tullece is oblivious to their effects. The 2nd was to reach the brink of death! He knew all too well that Saiyans against adversity; the fastest way from him to get more powerful is to face death. Then, perhaps, the situation could change!

The moment the bean entered Raditz’s body, he felt distinct warmth, and an amazing energy that’s flowing within him. It felt like indulging in a hot bath after a tiring day. His wounds were all healed; his energy was replenished; he got as strong as he was before facing Vegeta, and then went even further beyond!

Tullece looked back to Raditz, for his scouter beeped again. He muttered in awe: “40000!”