Chapter 3: Ki!

Chapter 3: Ki!

Raditz hastily gathered the corpses of several frogmen, picked some fruit from the trees, and ran back. If Vegeta got annoyed, things would get bad.

Under this pressure, he went faster and faster. Suddenly, there was a white aura around him.

When the energy was released, he felt the movement of the Ki.

In the Dragon Ball world, the true strength is manifested by one’s Ki and his control on it. Although the Saiyans had such massive natural brute force, they were not as skillful as the Earthlings. That’s why when Vegeta came to Earth, he ended up respecting their way of mastering Ki control.

Perceiving Ki is the 1st step! Raditz rejoiced.

At the same time, he tried to control his own temper and suspend himself. Perhaps it was because of the talent of the Saiyan people, but it didn’t take him long to grasp the method to do so.

He ran back and returned to Vegeta and Nappa.

“That useless scum; it took his so long just to deal with such lowly foes!” Vegeta glimpsed at the pray in Raditz’s hands, and laughed at him.

“Although Nappa didn’t say much, his eyes were also full of distain.

He hated this state; there was no way that he would accept staying inferior forever.

Raditz ignited the barbecue for the two people, split the food, and served very thoughtfully. Although the Saiyan people don’t care about food preparation, eating food grilled was still more nutritious and tasty.

After eating the food, the three continued to conquer the planet.

Raditz himself explored the perception and application of Ki. After all, Vegeta could master it in a very short time. There was no reason why he couldn’t!

A few days later…

“Bang, bang, bang!”

A series of fierce clashes were heard, and Raditz was able to shuttle through the enemy. In recent days, he imitated the fighting skills of Vegeta and Nappa and his fighting ability had been greatly increased.

Not only has his combat capability improved, but the mastery of Ki has also improved a lot, almost to an absurd extent.

By now, he was able to move around without relying on the detector, by sensing Ki, and he became aware of its flow as he fought and used energy attacks. On top of that, he learned to fly.
The enemy attacked from the front, and their laser guns continuously fired at Raditz, leaving no breathing room for him. He quickly evaded, leaving a shadow in the air. What was most frightening about this was the fact that he had been able to pull this off with his eyes shut!

It seemed like a very risky thing to do, but he was in a situation in which he was forced to learn new skills as soon as possible.

He dodged and slowly approached.

Finally, the time had come!
“Take this!” Raditz gave a loud cry, accelerated in an instant, and in the blink of an eye had flashed in front of the enemy, while he clenched his fists, and energy burst out of his hands!

Before the two enemies had time to respond, a human figure flashed in front of them. The breath of terror caused their pupils to dilate violently.

Huge punches slammed into the abdomen of the two enemies and almost drilled through them.

The surrounding air was compressed, the atmosphere was disturbed, and the air was spreading out at Raditz’s feet…

The nearby area was quiet and the rest of the people were scared and stunned.

He was too fast! It was almost impossible for them to react!

“Well?” Suddenly, Raditz moved his eyebrow and felt that an air rushed from behind his back, faster than the wind! An attack that was extremely strong!

Such a fast attack should be unavoidable, but Raditz had mastered the use of Ki, and when he was in the midst of attacking, he was able to turn around and block the attack.

He used palm to stop the enemy’s punch, but the huge impact of the attack caused his arm to tingle and pushed him a few steps back. The detector suddenly made a sharp sound and showed a thrilling number: 1250!

This was the 1st enemy whose power level was over a 1000!

There was no doubt that on this planet, the enemy should be master of Martial Arts.

To Vegeta and Nappa, dealing with such enemies wasn’t a problem at all, but this could be a big challenge for Raditz.

“It’s all over, Saiyan!” The tall frog humanoid’s round eyes glared, as he flexed his muscles and crackled his bones.

He was very surprised that after lurking for so long, and launching such a fast sneak attack, this Saiyan was able to block him. It was as if he had eyes behind him!

While his heart was puzzled, his body wasn’t slowing down, and he rushed at Raditz.

“Damn!” Raditz flew up and threw a Ki blast with one hand.

The brilliant light was like a sharp blade pointing to the frog man and exploding. The fierce explosion burned everything around him, and his area was covered with thick smoke.

Just when Raditz was thinking it was over, the frog man actually rushed out of the smoke, and he was unscathed!

He screamed, slapping his chest and then immediately ramming into Raditz, blasting him a 100 meters away.

Raditz made a massive ravine the forest, shattering through and being thrown beyond that.

Without any rest time, the frog man jumped high landing straight in front of Raditz. At this moment, Raditz fell on the rock with a long suffocation from his chest.

“What a surprise, finally came out an opponent who could give me a decent fight!” Raditz’s forehead shed a sweat and then he smiled.

“You are laughing?”

“That is the instinct of a Saiyan! When fighting, when bleeding, we get happy enough to tremble!”

The frog man couldn’t seem to understand. He raised his arm and squatted, trying to attack Raditz with his own energy attack

On its way to Raditz, the attack blasted the ground, shattering rock instantly, and crated deep trace on the ground before finally reaching Raditz.

Raditz crossed his hands and blocked the blow, gathering Ki on his upper arms to reinforce them.

The frog man was shocked. He didn’t expect Raditz to completely block his attack. He then leaped into the air, his mouth widened, a bright white energy vortex gathered, and he shot the highly compressed energy towards Raditz bellow. The attack went through the air like a silver shining dragon!

“You’re very powerful, but this is futile!” Raditz smiled.

This frog man’s power increased even more during this fight. He was very fast and even was able to suspend himself in mid air.

Raditz’s power increased as well, and a pale aura broke out from his whole body. He joined his hands, spreading out his fingers, focusing all his energy at one point, and then created a steady stream that went to the sky towards his foe!

“Full Power Energy Wave!”


The energy collision caused a continuous bang, and the two forces were entangled. The Frog man put all he had in this final attack, and the strain appeared on his face. However, Raditz was looking much more at ease.

“Hey, haven’t you heard the saying : never fight a Saiyan?! AAAAH!”

Raditz suddenly screamed, and veins in his arms popped, and his breathing became heavier. The shock wave overpowered the frogman’s attack, surrounding him with a brilliant light

For a moment, the light drowned the frog man, and the shock wave went straight to the sky and flew out of the sky.

The enemy was slammed and vanished without a trace!

All that was left was the smell coming out of his disintegration, and Raditz who was half-squatting on the ground, breathing heavily. He was almost unscathed, with only a minor injury on his forehead.

“Fortunately, my fighting capability has improved; I feared I had to suffer some serious damage to take him down.”

After that, Raditz looked into the sky with joy in his heart.

“Earth, I am coming soon!