Chapter 29: Fruit of the Tree of Might


“Boooooom! Bang! Booooom!”

Sounds of another battle could be heard around the Saiyans, it was the Tree of Might’s battle with Earth as it grew larger and larger, shattering the ground and engulfing everyone in a horrifying shadow! Under it, the fighters’ figures kept flickering!

Daiz, who had a chain necklace and shiny earrings, had a very confusing fighting style, despite looking lazy. He formed several “Meteor Balls”, throwing them at Krillin and Yamcha. The two however both had great combat experience and their level skyrocketed due to King Kai’s training. Despite the extreme speed of his attacks, they managed to evade them all

In another spot, one of Thales’s men, Kakao, was fighting Tien Shinhan. The ex-bounty hunter had cyborg components over his Magma like skin, forming a metal armor, and was extremely fast.

However, Tien Shinhan could follow him perfectly with his three eyes. While other may not be able catch the flickering Kakao with their eyes, Tien could do just that. Both of them were very strong, and neither of them was finding an edge over the other.

The other soldiers, Razin and Lakasei, were extremely fast. Their sharp cooperation made them a very tactical duo. The two men were facing Gohan and Chiaotzu, and their four tiny figures fluttered in the sky, colliding with each other, flickering again and again.

“You brats, how dare you stand against us?” The two brothers showed a smug smile; “We shall make you suffer even more!”

Underneath them, Gohan and Chiaotzu were scarred. After all, Gohan lacked experience, and the enemies facing him were much stronger than the Saibamen he had to face before. Fortunately, he was a Saiyan, and he quickly learned combat skills during battle. Before their eyes, the two brothers witnessed him improve little by little.

Nevertheless, Gohan and Chiaotzu , facing him, were much stronger than the Saibamen before. Fortunately, he was a Saiyan, and he quickly learned combat skills during the battle, and his potential gradually developed.

Nevertheless, Gohan and Chiaotzu were in a pinch, and were only able to defend themselves. Even if they weren’t weak themselves, these enemies they were facing seemed to be stronger.

“What’s that look in your eyes? How dare you stare at me like that you puny brat?”

“It’s not over yet!” Gohan wiped the blood off the corner of his mouth, assuming a fighting posture one again. His limbs, while short, were tough, attacking like tiny agile blades. He stood his ground and stared at Rasin and Lakasei.

“You want to die so much; we’ll send you to hell!” The two brother attacked again, forming their Gemini Shot…

Between the branches of the Tree of Might, their leader, Tullece, was caught in a bitter battle.

Raditz teamed up with Goku and Vegeta, and was under the siege of the trio! Vegeta didn’t want to join such a team… Was joining these lower class warriors the only way to defeat Frieza? Bah!

Tullece however was staring at him, thinking he would be the weakest among the three. Raditz and Goku advanced first and he had to fend both of them off.

Countless punches collided in mid air, and Telluce could only gradually retreat as he was facing four fists simultaneously. His battle suit was slowly beginning to crack.

Right as he was struggling to stand his ground, he took a hit from Vegeta! However, he managed to catch the weakened prince’s leg and throw him to the ground. This formed a perfect window for Raditz, who stepped in, delivering a massive uppercut to Tullece, making him spit out blood. However, the latter wasn’t about to yield, as he managed to Kick Raditz away.

“It is useless for you to go against me! The Tree of Might has been planted already! Unless you destroy its roots, along with the entire planet, you’ll never get it to disappear!” Tullece turned to Goku, the one who was the strongest among the three at the moment, giving him a powerful punch to the face.

Ripples of the impact formed on Goku’s skin momentarily; his head turned around, but he stood his ground: “You don’t know of the Dragon Balls!” With Tullece’s fist still at Goku’s cheek, the latter forced his head to look back at his opponent, and gave him a frightening gaze!

“Dragon Balls?” Tullece suddenly groaned.

The red aura burst out of Goku’s body, shining harder and growing bigger than ever; it was Kaioken x4! While Goku wasn’t supposed to go so far, he could still use this power for a brief time!

Tullece saw a red flame passing by his body, leaving just a shadow. Goku stood above him, and both were exposed to get attacked. Tullece however noticed Goku’s location, and just as Raditz tried to warn his brother, their enemy flickered behind Goku and launched the most powerful of his punches at him!

“Just one hit, and you’ll fall”

But Goku’s figure was nothing but an afterimage!

The real Goku appeared behind Tullece, hammering the top of his head with a powerful elbow! His face change, he eyes whitened, and he couldn’t even scream!

Tullece fell straight like dead corpse on the thick branches of the Tree of Might underneath him. However, Goku’s attack wasn’t over yet! He rushed at him, kicking him down, then grabbing his ankle and spinning him around like a Gyro, before catapulting him away through the branches, to land on the thick trunk of the massive tree, smashing a great pit into it!

“Your power level… IT’s OVER 40,000!” Tullece was in cold sweat.

He could feel Goku’s extraordinary strength, and despite all the advantages he had, Goku still had a slight edge on him in battle!

If Goku was to stay this strong, he would be in great danger!

He was trapped in the trunk, and wanted to leave. Suddenly he heard a massive soaring sound!

Just as he was about ready to get up, a Kamehameha arrived, ruthlessly hitting him! The light expanded into a massive ball, swallowing his figure and covering the area. As the attack faded and the smoke on the tree disappeared, Tullece was nowhere to be found.

He somehow managed to hide behind some rocks bellow by taking advantage of the explosion. He helpless covered his wounds, his left arm dangling down.

“Damn it! Without warning, Kakarot’s strength exceeded my expectations. These guys…” Tullece gritted his teeth, and suddenly saw the Tree of Might growing quickly; he laughed again, “Hey hey, the fruits of Tree of Might will be ripe soon. Earth’s soil is so suitable for planting that the tree is growing unexpectedly fast. I just have to hold my own for a little longer and then pick them up!”

“Ha!” Just as Tullece was laughing alone, Goku kicked through the rock and hit him directly.

Impossible! Tullece was kicked back up at an angle, his body all numb. How could Kakarot spot him without a scouter?! He didn’t know anything about Ki Sense!

He landed on the side of a branch. As soon as he looked up, he saw Goku, already appearing above him!

“Just give up Tullece!”

“Shut up!” Tullece was so furious, that he couldn’t help but throw a large Ki Blast toward Goku!

It was slow and easy to dodge for Goku in x4 Kaioken, who instantly jumped away!

The Blast brought down many branches, and Tullece’s eyes became bright! Goku rushed at him, but he didn’t care! One thing was on his mind: the fruit!

Indeed, a ripe fruit was brought down to him!

“Oh, no!” Raditz was surprised, quickly burst out Kaioken x3, and desperately rushed over to him; ‘I must stop him!’