Chapter 28: Joining Hands


Tullece knew he wasn’t the most powerful warrior in the universe, but his ambition knew no bounds. After finding the Seeds of Might, he set off on a quest to find suitable planets for planting them, thus gaining strength through their fruits. Only a few bites could raise his power level 35,000!

Such fruits that make life easy might be appealing and even mesmerizing to many. However, to Raditz, Tullece was nothing but a lazy buffoon who doesn’t put work into his self-improvement!

Tullece rushed to Goku swinging, and the latter could hardly see him. However, he could sense his high speed movement. Therefore, he focused, and immediately burst out Kaioken x3! He could see his foe, and struck back with his own punch.

Their fists bumped into each other, making a massive impact, forcing both to retreat at the same time.

When using Kaioken x3 Goku had enough strength to cope with Tullece at this time. The two returned to their initial positions, starting at each other fiercely, and both their hands were shaking slightly from the impact.

Just as Tullece was about to go on into one of his usual rants, he realized something, and his face changed; Raditz was nowhere to be seen!

He turned around instinctively, and saw Raditz who took advantage of the previous engagement to flicker behind him and aim with a powerful kick that should be able to hurt Tullece badly!

Tullece instinct, along with his senses that were enhanced by the fruit of might, allowed him to block behind him in a way that looked random, but that also saved him from taking great damage.

Both were rather surprised as Raditz’s leg collided with Tullece’s arm.

Raditz was surprised with Tullece’s strength and reflexes that were completely beyond his expectations. The impact shook every bone in his body, as if he was a normal man kicking solid iron. Although he wasn’t at full strength at this time, the gap between them was enough to give him a good scare!

Tullece was also surprised by the fact that Raditz still had that much strength remaining after such a fierce fight against Vegeta. The numbness on his arm was real! Yes, Raditz did have the upper hand in his previous battle; but he did consume a lot of his energy. The fact that he still managed to dig deep enough to bring out such power was astonishing!

After gauging each other’s power in this short engagement, the two separated immediately upon hitting the ground.

The scouter in the ruins started to beep again, beeps that were half a second apart.

Tullece was absolutely furious, he turned around and flicked, appearing behind Raditz, and hitting him with a knee that shot him into the air giving him excruciating pain.

Tullece followed up with another attack, but Raditz endured the pain somehow and managed to dodge it, turning in mid air, diving to almost hit the ground and sliding along it to fly away.

Seeing his brother attacking, Goku flew in a hurry to fight Tullece along with him. The speed difference between the two was rather small, and it wasn’t clear who would immerge victorious. However, using Kaioken x3 was too draining for Goku at his current level, and the burden was so enormous that he couldn’t sustain a prolonged battle.

Raditz seized the opportunity to help Goku, launching several Ki Blasts from behind Tullece, trying to push him to retreat!

“Give me a break!” Tullece launched several one handed Ki Blasts behind him, preparing a much larger one to launch at Goku with his other hand.

Behind Raditz, the ground started to crack, a massive pit appeared in the ground, and a part of the Tree of Might was destroyed as Tullece’s Ki Blasts drowned him in its radiance.

Goku, on the other side, took a long time to withstand the more powerful Ki Blast that went straight at him!

“Good tactic, trying to overwhelm me from different directions!” Tullece’s eyes were locked on Goku the whole time. Then, he quickly glanced at Raditz, smirking; “Unfortunately, you are no match for me Kakarot. Do you think your strength can keep up with me this way? As you are a Saiyan, I can consider letting you be my one of my subordinates, how about that?”

“Be your subordinate?”

“I have the seeds of the Tree of Might in my hand. As long as I find the right type of soil, I can plant it indefinitely. This fruits are meant to be eaten by gods, and that’s why I’m so strong! Rarth’s soil is also very fitting for it. Look at how the tree is growing so fast and well! When the tree finished absorbing all of the planet’s energy, my army will be rewarded and become even stronger! ”

“Prince Vegeta, I saw that you have just been humiliated by Raditz. Don’t you want to take revenge? And Raditz, you don’t want to be Vegeta’s dog, do you? Only one of you will join my army. So, let me see who is the most determined! Whoever kills the other will be worthy of joining me!”

Tullece then gave Goku a sinister look saying: “Goku, don’t interfere, otherwise, I can’t guarantee their lives!”

How did things end up with him using the Tree of Might’s fruits to lure one party to join him? Tullece’s intention was to constantly invade planets and enhance his power level. It was a pure coincidence that he met Vegeta! However, the situation became quickly under control. Even though his men were fighting fiercely against Krillin and Tien Shinhan, with only a small chance of winning, he was sure of his ability to immerge victorious!

Raditz estimated that his body couldn’t take the burden of Kaioken x3 for the time being as his stamina and power was less than half what it before the battle. Even at full strength, he wasn’t sure he would win against Tullece. Right now, he knew that one hit could definitely bring him down.

The roots and steps of the tree behind him continued to spread into the ground. Like a plague, they caused all the plants they reach to wither and die. An area of death was spreading around it, gradually tuning earth into a dead planet. Even the sky turned gloomy, and the clouds gathered, separating the heavens from earth at the horizon.

With his fighting and never ending rants, Tullece was slowly but surely achieving his goals, leaving his opponents little time to react and save the situation.

All of a sudden, he heard Vegeta laughing: “Hahaha, Tullece, that’s a good proposition you have there! Kill Raditz, you say?”

“Yes, that’s it It’s rare to see the prince in such a humorous mood! Hahaha!”

“I couldn’t help it!” Vegeta smiled wickedly, “I hope you’ll keep your word!”

“I’ll certainly do!” Tullece promised loudly; he was happy with the success of his plan, and he would be happy with either of them dying!

“Vegeta, stop!” Goku rushed in front of him.

Realizing that Goku could abstract his plan, Tullece flickered in, kicking him away to make way for Vegeta.

Watching the approaching Vegeta taking one step after the other, Raditz did not say a word, and his eyes flashed!

While Tullece and Goku were fighting on the side, Vegeta gathered his hand to the side. Facing him, Raditz did the same; both were ready to launch their own Ki Blasts.

The light between their hands was so bright under the dim sky; great shadows of both warriors were formed behind them.

They stared at each other, and all of a sudden, they both turned to the same target, launching their attacks on Tullece!


The loud explosion was deafening, and Tullece stumbled forward and fell on the Tree of Might.


“You don’t know anything about Vegeta! You think the Prince of all Saiyans would follow the likes of you?” Raditz said with distain.

Vegeta looked at Tullece coldly and said: “The fact that you had the audacity to ask me to do such a thing is just one of the reasons. Most importantly, your dirty ways of getting stronger are just too cheap and irritating! You’re much more sickening than Raditz and Kakarot!”