Chapter 27: Tullece Crusher Corps Attack


There was another Saiyan alive, one who wasn’t on Planet Vegeta the day it exploded. He commanded a group of evil henchmen, and even wanted to overthrow Frieza!

His group obtained their power from the fruits of a tree known as the Tree of Might. It enhanced their strength greatly, so they spent their time roaming in space, acting recklessly, destroying many planets to grow their Trees of Might, thus becoming some of the most feared villains in the universe.

Raditz did remember the name of this Saiyan: Tullece!

He looked almost identical to Kakarot, but his character couldn’t be further from him. Raditz knew all too well that he should be the only other one in the universe to know how to use the power ball to mimic the moon.

He never expected that his ominous hunch was about this lost Saiyan: “I can’t believe my hunch was right! What’s Tullece’s power level now? Did he plant the Seed of Might yet? Why would he show up right now?” Many questions went through Raditz’s mind!

At that moment, a group of people slowly rose from the ground, followed by the rapid growth of a giant tree. Its roots went through the ground, ramifying and tearing its surface, and its branches rose into the air, spreading in all direction at an incredible speed. It didn’t take it too long to stand tall! One could almost feel how it was feasting upon Earth’s energy like fierce hungry beast!

Besides Raditz, who knew all about the incoming enemy, everyone else was shocked.

The leader of these new enemies looked exactly like Goku! He was wearing body armor like Raditz and Vegeta, and had tail proving he was also a Saiyan!

“He looks… like me!” Goku was the most surprised, and his eyes almost popped out!

“Hah! Are you surprised? I’ am Tullece, the leader of these men, and I am indeed a Saiyan like you. Actually, I never expected to encounter Saiyan spacecrafts while destroying a planet; but it turned out that Prince Vegeta and Nappa are still alive! I thought You two have perished along with everyone else!” he said,” So I’ve followed you all the way here, just to find Raditz and Kakarot alongside you! What an unexpected surprise!”

Vegeta snorted and said with distain: “You lingering…”

“I know I know! To a prince like you, I’m nothing but a low class warrior, lingering scum that’s good for nothing! But now, everything has changed as you could see!”

“One after the other…” Vegeta grinded his teeth, with his face heavy. He was once again shocked today, for the 3rd time! Another low-class warrior had showed up, and he also seemed to be extremely strong; ‘They keep on taunting me! When did all these low-class warriors improve so much? Does he think he could stand up to me?’ Thinking of this, Vegeta’s body got tense, and he felt rather helpless.

Raditz suddenly recalled what King Kai told him before; that the reason why the Saiyans were late was that they had they were hit by the impact of a planetary explosion and deviated from their track. So it turned out to be Tullece’s Corp that caused that explosion. He never expected that his brief time with Vegeta and Nappa would cause so much change!

“You’ve been so weakened by this past fight, and you still want to fight?” Tullece looked back quickly and said: “Amond! Show them your power!”

“Yes, Mighty Tullece!” An orange skinned giant extraterrestrial smiled stepped forward, confidently rubbing his hands. At the same time, on the other side, Piccolo had already grown back his leg, and was there with everyone at Goku’s side.

Amond pointed at Raditz, moving his braid back, and staring at his fiercely.

He was originally an atrocious criminal who rampaged throughout the entire galaxy. He was eventually caught and imprisoned; but after Tullece came in and destroyed the planet he was on, he became his follower. Like Tullece, he relied on the fruit from the Tree of Might to enhance his powers. Thanks to that, he became much more powerful.

“Where did this guy come from?”

“Why does he look exactly like Goku!”

“Damn, that big guy looks like he’s about to attack Raditz!”

“I’ve been too absorbed by the battle!” Piccolo remembered his leg being cut off, and he looked at Amond furiously for a second, just to rush in to face him before anyone else.

“So you’re the one who wants to die first? Fool!” Amond said while smiling arrogantly!

“I’m going to wipe that smile off your face!”

Piccolo looked at him scornfully, and then flickered just to reappear behind him, punching him straight to the back. Facing such he speed, Amond was surprised, and had no chance to defend himself. Piccolo launched him into the air with that punch, but he quickly brought him back down with hook!

Countless punches hit Amonds body from all directions, keeping him in mid air getting thrown around like a rag doll. His face and nose become swollen, and he was defenseless, screaming in pain. However, Piccolo was still not through, flickering around his enemy, and venting his anger for what had happened to his leg.

It was almost a perfect victory for the Namekian. Amond was spitting blood, lost and clueless in mid air.

Raditz remained silent, and Tullece pretended that he did not care. However, seeing what was happening to Amond, he understood that shouldn’t underestimate Piccolo.

‘This guy has completely overwhelmed Amond!” He thought that his 2nd in Command would actually be enough to beat all the non Saiyans on the battlefield. Unexpectedly, he was being beat by just one of them before he could even have a chance to attack. All of a sudden, Tullece showed a cold smile, pointing at Piccolo with his index!


A thin Ki Beam went towards Piccolo like a spear, piecing through his shoulder. Purple blood spewed out, and Piccolo was stunned! He had thought this was a duel, in which no one would interfere! Taking this opportunity, Amond gathered all his power, beginning to spin on himself, and launched several attacks produced through that rotation at Piccolo!

“That bastard! That’s cheap!” Krillin yelled!

“This is a life-and-death battle. What’s bizarre is that the Namekian wasn’t paying attention.” Vegeta said coldly.

Raditz started at Tullece and sensed his Ki, just to be shocked by how powerful he already was. He knew how fast the Tree of Might would grow, and understood all too well that Tullece had to be defeated as soon as possible!

“Goku, let’s attack Tullece together!”

“Let’s go!”

“Tullece Crusher Corps, ATTACK!” As he said that, Tullece immediately rushed in front of Goku. He kept his eyes on Vegeta and Raditz. However, since they were exhausted, he felt that only Goku should be a true threat to him.

While Picollo was strong, Tullece, being one himself, felt that finishing off the Saiyans should take priority. After beating Goku, it should be easy for him to beat Piccolo, who was already restrained by Amond. As for the rest, he left them to other members of his Corps.

He was confident in his ability to win, so he went all out on Goku.

In the ruins behind, the improved scouter still flickered with numbers after being dropped by Vegeta. After a few flickers, it stopped at a terrifying number: 35000!