Chapter 26: Severed Tails?

Vegeta’s long roar pierced through the sky, reaching the heavens.

Up in front of him, Raditz stretched out his arm, willing to give him a hand and help him up.

In the distance, Goku and others saw that the situation changed, and then approached slowly. On the other side of a high slope, a group of people stood hidden by the dust haze, watching them!

“Sir, should we go in now? Kill them all in one fell swoop!” said a fierce strong man with long braids.

He was as tall as Nappa, with strong muscles that stretched his clothes to their maximum. The most perturbing thing was that this guy actually wore a battle-suit as well!

The one next to him were all dressed in the same way, except for one who was covered in metal armor.

Behind them, one man, also in battle-suit, seemed to be their leader. He looked coldly at the two giant apes and laughed proudly and coldly. It was Tullece!

“Kill them? Are you kidding? Right now, they’re a far too strong for you!”

“But… Lord Tullece, why then make this moon? “

“So we can witness such a beautiful battle. Hum, they seem tired now. Wait a little more; their battle shall end soon. At the right time, we’ll get them to their original form, and then our forces will be enough to deal with them!”

“Wise as ever lord Tullece!”

The crowd shouted to compliment him, then stared at the ruins, with an evil smile.

After venting for a while, Vegeta finally calmed down. He looked a Raditz in front of him and felt very strange. Raditz used to be a weakling among Saiyans, at best a second-rate soldier, just above those who are in the same rank as Kakarot. They used to mock his weakness before, and he never dared to anger him.

Today, Raditz was a new man! His strength was incredible enough for him to dare challenge the Prince. He just proved that he wasn’t weaker than anyone. On top of all, the look in his eyes was only shared by a few genius fighters.

It surely took a while, but finally Vegeta stretched out a slightly trembling hand to Raditz.

The later smiled softly, pulling Vegeta’s massive and weakened body up, as if he was lifting a mountain.

“Damn… Did he win?!” Krilin squinted and exclaimed.

Today’s battle was so fierce, that Goku and his friends were not at as much ease as they thought they would be. Fortunately, with the two shaking hands, it was over.

A small group of soldiers, sweating, was sneaking toward them, speeding up.

“Goku, do you also feel that something’s wrong?” Piccolo did not rejoice, but felt a little uneasy.

Goku also frowned and looked around; “Indeed, there are several Ki that seem to lurk in the vicinity. My senses were overwhelmed by the power of the two in battle, but now I can sense them!”

“What are you talking about? You think it is not over?” Yamcha went to Goku’s side and patted his shoulder; “Don’t be so suspicious, the Saiyan battle is now over, take it easy, Hahaha!”

“Be careful!”

Goku and Piccolo shouted in unison, and their face suddenly changed! Two rotating disks were flying around with great speed, looking very similar to Krilin’s Destructo Disc! Just be hit one by this attack could simply cut one in half!

“Get out of the way!” Goku burst out Kaioken, and quickly pushed Yamcha, but still, his back was exposed, and it was cut, and plod gushed out of it into the sky!

Piccolo rushed to Gohan, and took him into his arms, rolling to side. Unfortunately, one of his legs was still exposed and was cut off at the knee. Purple blood flowed out of the cut, and his severed leg rolled on the ground!

“Uncle Piccolo!”

“I’m fine.” Piccolo was stunned and looked sideways at the Energy Disc flying away, gritting his teeth.

Tien Shinhan was also in danger; two energy discs rushed at him from opposite directions. They got so close, they actually burned his skin!

However, it wasn’t over yet. They weren’t the target; it was Vegeta and Raditz who were standing together! Despite their massive ape bodies, even if thrown perfectly, the discs could miss them if they were in perfect shape. As the first discs were getting closer, Raditz realized what was bothering him all day! The people hidden in the dark finally made their move!

Raditz pushed Vegeta away from the disc and jumped into the air, high enough to avoid being cut. The first two disks passed, but two more followed!

In midair, Raditz was ok. However, Vegeta was too exhausted, and his reactions were too slow for him to move away in time. However, he still had his terrifying reflexes! With whatever force he had left in him, he managed to launch a Ki Beam from his mouth at the two incoming discs and started to move.

Still, the two attacks were faster! They avoided the impact with his Ki Beam, and changed course unexpectedly, aiming at the two Great apes from a new angle!

They went towards them, and then went to the sky, leaving behind two massive hairy lumps of flesh and bone that feel from mid air and hit the ground, making a tremendous noise. The two Great Apes stiffened and trembled in place, as if hit by lightning!

Their massive bodies began to shrink rapidly, and their hair quickly decayed as they were reverting to their human-like form again!

As they were changing, a Ki Blast two meters in diameter flew directly at them. Its color from the inside to the outside changed from white to pale pink, and its power was dangerous enough to engulf the defenseless Raditz and Vegeta.

At this critical moment, the red aura shrouding Goku expanded all of a sudden; he rushed at them at high speed!

Kaioken x3!

The ultra fast Goku arrived first, standing before the Ki Wave to save the two. With the back of his hand, he pushed the beam away. As the light faded in the sky, Raditz and Vegeta simultaneously finished their transformation.

“Huff… Huff…”

Both of them were fatigued and all in sweat. Raditz’s power level dropped to less than half, while Vegeta was all out of power.

“Are you okay brother?” Goku protected the two and stared at the direction where the Ki wave came from.

“I’m alright, just a little exhausted.”

“It looks like we’re being watched. There a guy hiding in the dark!” Goku clenched his fist tightly and then smiled, “I’ll take care of him!”

Raditz raised his eyes to see the artificial moon shining in the sky, took a deep breath, and then something from his past flashed through his mind: “Could it be him?”

(Translator Note: Tullece, also translated as Turles, is a Sayian character that appeared in the Movie, Dragon Ball Z: Tree of Might. We opted to use Tullece over Turles as it was more popular in English Subs of the Movie and also kept the original pun behind the name, it being a play on lettuce.)