Chapter 25: The Saiyans’ Pride


“Thump! Thump! Thump! Thump! Thump…”

Raditz’s heart beat faster and faster; it felt like hundreds of people were simultaneously swaying their copper hammers, directly at his chest. At the same time, thick hair appeared on his body, which was swelling up, and his clothes were stretched to the extreme. The transformation was very rapid, and he turned into a giant ape before Vegeta reached him.


The beast was fully awakened.

Two Great Apes?!

Goku and the others stepped back in fear, knowing already how things were going to turn out. Ever since the start, things developed far beyond their expectations. Raditz had already explained to them the transformation that Saiyan gets when looking at the full moon. However, the moon wasn’t supposed to be there tonight; how could these two transform? How come there was moonlight?

Watching the mysterious sphere of light hanging high in the air, they gritted their teeth in panic.

“Are they going mad?”

“No, Vegeta shouldn’t be mad. Transforming into a giant ape makes one lose his senses. However, a gifted warrior could overcome this through practicing the transformation once or twice. It’s just like the weakness of the tail. If a lower tier warrior was to try and overcome this same problem, they would need to go through many battles in this transformation. My brother told me that he wasn’t sure whether or not he would to be able to control himself.”

Goku’s words made everyone feel slight relief, but then Nappa added: “Raditz is not that good in controlling the transformation. It’s fifty-fifty with him; half the time he’d control himself, and the other half he’d lose his senses completely. It’s best for us that we prepare ourselves to anything.”

Fifty-fifty odds, when it comes to a battle of these proportions, are too risky!

Goku wanted to help, but his power was nothing compared to that of a giant ape. If he was to take a hit from a blind spot, it would actually mean his death.

At this moment, Raditz stood up, his hands pounding his chest. Immediately, he shot out several Ki Beams that went in all directions.

His ruthless bombing made Vegeta happy, and sure enough, Raditz’s was far less sober than he was!

Vegeta shouted, throwing his fist into Raditz’s head; his fist was coming at an angle, heading for his opponent’s temple. His powerful arm burst out with great strength, going quickly and fiercely for the kill.


A breath-taking bang sounded as a giant fell to the ground!

Everyone was shocked; it was Vegeta!

Just now, when they saw his punch, they all thought that it was going to make contact with Raditz’s head. Goku could only begin preparing to use Kaioken. However, at the most critical moment, Raditz dodged Vegeta’s punch skillfully, hooking his opponent ankle, thus driving him to the ground.

He didn’t lose his senses. On the contrary, due to his crossing to this body, his mental power was actually many times stronger than it used to be. He wasn’t just sober; his spirit was in full control!

He only showed clumsiness deliberately just to make Vegeta careless.

With his massive body falling to the ground, it wasn’t going to be that easy for Vegeta to stand up again. This made him in a very unfavorable position.

Raditz rejoiced his success but only for a split second, for he had also made a miscalculation.

Vegeta still had his tail loose, which he hooked to Raditz’s ankle, soon pulling him along with him to the ground. This made Raditz lose his balance enough for him to be brought to his knees.

Both giants were down!

Raditz, who fell to the ground, directly smashed his fist against Vegeta’s face, and he was answered by a heavy counterattack to his abdomen, and then the two held each other, rolling around crushing the earth beneath them.

Ultimately, the two simply wrestled on the ground, viciously, punching each other. Raditz even bit Vegeta, which was the most primitive, clumsiest, yet the most violent of all attacks!

Vegeta yelled: “You good for nothing; let me loose!”

Unexpectedly, Raditz opened his mouth, but also delivered a lightning fast punch to Vegeta’s muzzle, just to pay him back.

“Yes, I used to be good for nothing, but don’t you think that people could eventually grow up and evolve? Don’t you think that the weak could become strong once beliefs and ambitions could make him strong than you could ever imagine. I may be not of blood that’s as noble as yours, but if you think I wouldn’t change and grow, then your arrogance is driving you to make a colossal mistake! Today, I shall beat you, and prove this to you!”

Raditz took a step back and actually used Kaioken in his state of giant ape!

The huge figure was almost unbelievable. As soon as he stood up, he grabbed Vegeta’s head instantly, pummeling it to the ground and pressing it down!

“This is ridiculous! This power…How could it be? I was born to be the prince of all…” Vegeta suddenly smiled scornfully. He endured pain and said with a nearly motionless mouth; “I am the strongest…”

“Is that so?!” Radit pressed with even more force, added a fist to Vegeta’s face, bringing his head a few meters deeper into the ground, as if he was pushing him to the core of the earth!

Vegeta was still talking: “What do you know? I don’t need your advice; I have my own way! You and your younger brother have cooperated with these earthlings against me; you’ve lost your dignity as Saiyans! You’re all traitors of our race!”

He was so agitated, and blood spewed out of his mouth, almost like a waterfall!

Radditz was still squatting on the ground; he brought his bloodied palm to his face in awe.

“That’s you reason? Do you think I don’t know everything about what happened to our planet?” Radditz pulled back his arm and then punched Vegeta’s chest, sinking his body a few feet into the ground.

“It was Frieza who destroyed planet Vegeta, and then continued to let us work under him. He humiliated us every day, and punished us cruelly whenever we disobeyed. Neither of us has forgotten those days!” Following his words was another punch.

“Indeed, we didn’t have the power to fight Frieza at that time. But isn’t there going to be time for us to take our vengeance? Do we have to continue living for his sake for the rest of our lives? You’re being also proud about being destined to lead the Saiyans, so do something fitting of the prince that you are. If you want power, we have the path for that! The dignity of a prince doesn’t lie in making others fear him. Being a prince is not enough for the pride of a Saiyan! Only by getting stronger, gaining power, exceeding ours limits, surpassing Frieza and anyone else in the universe could we preserve OUR RACE’S PRIDE”

Raditz’s last punch contained all of his body’s power and wrath. He raised his hand and stormed it down with his last word.

The punch stopped a few centimeters away from Vegeta’s face. Its momentum made his face deformed slightly and his hair erect from its roots.

“Make your decision. The fastest way for you to grow absolutely lies in joining us. I will only offer help and never interfere with you.” Raditz unfurled his fist into a handshake. “My brother over there, Kakarot, has a power level of over 10,000. So if he uses Kaioken, he’s no weaker than you. If you want to find a challenge, you can get it at any time.”

He actually admired Vegeta’s arrogance; it was what made him himself and Raditz respected that.

When one is as proud, impulsive and domineering, it could occasionally lead to conflicts. But more importantly, those treats were also what drove Vegeta to grow and improve.

This vast universe was full of very powerful people, and dealing with Frieza was just the beginning.


Vegeta roared again and again, as if to exhaust the outrage of the world. His loud voice was clearly surging with unwillingness.