Chapter 24: Ozaru!


In the center between the two warriors, a massive sphere of light formed, emitting energy that eradicated and devored everything it touched, like a small black hole attracting gravity, creating a vortex in mid air.

The impact was overwhelming, and it turned the ground into ruin, and leaving only the two warriors to be seen in its light.

“AAAAAAH!” Vegeta kept yelling to gain momentum, and he violently tensed his eyebrows, and his eyes turned bloodshot!

Raditz remained calm as his hands were feeling the strong resistance, for he still had the upper hand.

“You’ve lost!”

Raditz gave more force to his attack, and the his Kamehameha shrouded in red advanced like a hungry lion, swallowing Vegeta’s Galick Gun, and rushing straight at him!

The latter was drowned in the red tide, and dazzling light of the Kamehameha went beyond him eradicating trees, mountains, and stones into dust.

The light faded, and smoke gradually disappeared, revealing an injured Vegeta violently gasping behind it.

His body was covered with scars, his hair was somewhat scorched, his arm was injured, his clothes were further torn and his mouth was bloody. Despite all of this, his eyes did not concede defeat, and his wrath and pride was keeping him from collapsing to the ground.

“Why did you stop you bastard?!” Vegeta was furious.

“I didn’t expect you to resist me so much.” Raditz left his state of Kaioken, “I don’t want to kill you, so I won’t be using my full strength…”

“ENOUGH!” Vegeta stopped Raditz.

His pride was hit once again… ‘Won’t be using my full strength…’ What was that all about? Wasn’t he worthy? It was a mere insult! Vegeta clenched his fists so hard; he started trembling all over. For the first time as an adult warrior, he was defeated by a fellow Saiyan, an underling of his!

He never thought that he would ever be in such a situation!

“Now that you have seen my strength, would consider my suggestion?”


Vegeta was coughing out blood, “Never! I am the prince of all Saiyans! I’ll never follow the like of you!”

When all was said and done, his pride still prevailed, and he could not surrender. Even if Raditz did surpass him, that was no reason for him to obey him. He had his pride of a prince, and would never surrender!

“Then go back home, Prince!” Raditz could not take this any longer, and he rushed over at Vegeta, grabbing him by his hair.

“But now, home is gone, Planet Vegeta was destroyed, and you’re no longer a prince! Nobody will listen to you anymore, so what are you?” Raditz was infuriated by Vegeta’s stubbornness, and while holding him by his hair, he stomped his head into the floor!


Vegeta fell into the ruined ground. He was too tired to react or even counterattack as his mouth twitched to smile slightly

Suddenly, Vegeta’s eyes met a large spherical object high above him in the sky. His heart started beating violently, his pupils dilated, and blood rushed into his veins rapidly.

It was the full moon! No, it was an artificial one! That bright circle was not natural, and definitely an artificial moon!

Vegeta had no choice but to embrace to his primal power; thick hair begun to immerged from underneath his skin, and his body became agitated and started growing is size to become huge!

Being a superior warrior, he was sure about his ability to maintain his consciousness while transformed, and this made him sure that this would gain him the upper hand in the battle. Therefore, Vegeta burst into laughter started turning into a Great Ape!

In the distance…

Tien Shinhan’s third eye looked around and his voice trembled: “Did Raditz win?”

“It seems like so! Goku?” Krillin wasn’t sure.

Goku nodded: “Their strength was somewhat equal, but once my brother used Kaioken, he had the upper hand. Vegeta has been defeated. ”

Nappa, who held his head in his arms, gazed at the ruins of the hill and said in shock: “That Raditz, who used to be trash, actually managed to defeat Vegeta? Has the world gone mad?”

Just as they were all about to approach, Vegeta’s laughter reached their ears, and gigantic figure rose from bellow. It was like a mountain, tremendous, shocking and incomparable!

It was a giant ape!

Raditz was shocked. The full moon wasn’t supposed to appear on that day! When did Vegeta manage to use the Power Ball?

The puzzled Raditz was ripped out of his thoughts by a massive punch from the roaring Raditz.

Despite his massive size, his strength didn’t decrease, and his power level was ten times as it used to be.

Raditz was thrown away, feeling a sharp pain all over his body, as if a thousand needles were piercing through him at the same time, pouring fire inside his wounds. He fell into the ground, trembling, his nose broken, with dark red blood running down his forehead and mouth.

“Die Raditz!”

Vegeta violently rushed at him, raising his leg to stomp him.

One stomp would be enough to crush his into minced meat! The ground beneath him blew up into countless pieces, and dust rose to the sky.

Raditz escaped the stomping, swaying and flashing, rushing to the distance, trying to retreat. The Great Ape jumped up and its massive body drew and arc into the air! His shadow was enough to obscure the road in front of Raditz, and he made a loud insane voice as he landed. Indeed, he was actually faster than him!

Needless to say, Vegeta at this form did not hold back, and went all out. He shot fiery Ki Beams from his mouths, and his fists and feet pounded the ground wildly with great momentum! The entire planet was at risk, let alone Raditz!

Despite entering Kaioken x3, Raditz was again defeated by a single punch, thrown rubbing into the ground for hundreds of meters, leaving behind a trail of blood. Although he managed to move back enough to keep the blow from killing him, he still took a tremendous blow. His bloodied body was a mess, and his lungs filled with blood that he had to cough out.

While he knew how stronger Vegeta should get, Raditz did not expect Vegeta to get that strong.

Could it be that he still had the power level of over 10,000 before transforming, despite his many injuries?

Sure enough, his power-up was insane, time 10! If Vegeta wasn’t weakened before transforming, Raditz wouldn’t even stand a chance against him. Even with Kaioken, this challenge was proving to be great.

Raditz knew that his life was hanging on the line. He brought his hands closer to his chest, and hands were gradually clenched into a fist.

“What a monster!”

Raditz rolled for a while and hid under a rock, as a Ki Beam was shot from Vegeta’s mouth.

“Raditz, today you die!”

Shouts of death accompanied the steps of the giant. Like a mountain, he kept Raditz under pressure, hitting his chest and then throwing a puch at the rock.

This time however, Raditz did not flee! He raised his hand in front of him, and and a beam of light formed, going to the sky, blocking the giant ape’s fist!

‘He blocked it?’ Vegeta was stunned for a moment.

“Kaioken x5!” Raditz’s mouth was full of blood, and the burden on his body was crushing him. He succeefly caught Vegeta’s attention, and suddenly rushed out to his face!

“Full Power Energy Wave!” Raditz’s hands were already prepared, and he pointed his attack right at Vegeta’s eyes!

Immediately however, Vegeta covered his eyes with his hands! The Ki Beam only hit the back of his hand from which blood gushed out, falling down on the rocks everywhere.

Raditz was slightly stunned.

“I’ll kill you!” The furious Vegeta opened his mouth in front of Raditz, at close range.

“You can’t hide!”

Raditz burst out in Kaioken x5 once again, still feeling that he could stand a chance, and he countered the attack with his. The light immediately swallowed him up.

When the light faded, the red aura around Raditz had disappeared. He rolled several times in the air and jumped to the ground. All of his joints ached, he gasped violently, he barely escaped by trying to resist one more time. However, the burden his body had to take still made him feel fatigued and he could no longer fight at full strength.

“Ha ha ha! Very clever, but your death is just a matter of time!” Vegeta laughed wildly, and confidently got closer to him.

“Damn… Do I have to become a Great Ape myself? If I lose reason…” Raditz grinned helplessly and his eyebrows fell.

Kaioken x5 was his limit. Kaioken x2 was manageable, but x5 consumed too much of his energy, not to mention that he would be much more durable in his Great Ape form!

At this point, he had no other way to win but to transform into a great ape as well. It was a gamble that he had to take.

Before now, it was out of curiosity that he hadn’t cut off his tail. Raditz never expected it could come in handy one day!

He looked up at the sky, searched for the Power Ball, and finally had his eyes on the round artificial moon.

Raditz’s body started to change….