Chapter 23: Kaioken Explosion!


“What did you just say?” Vegeta glanced sharply at Raditz, as if he was about to get what he wanted: “So you have an ace up your sleeve? Alright, go ahead and try, I’ll defeat you anyway!”

The battle that took place between the two was on a level so high; it improved Vegeta’s power unconsciously. The Prince’s pride once again took over.

“It would be too much for you.” Raditz shook his head and suddenly took out a scouter, throwing it to Vegeta.

“What does this mean?” Vegeta took the detector and frowned.

‘I can’t believe this! I actually have to instruct him!’ Raditz sighed in disappointment and looked at Vegeta helplessly.

He pointed at the scouter and then pointed to his eye.

Fortunately, Vegeta finally cooperated, suspiciously putting on the scouter, otherwise Raditz would have had no choice but to force him to put in on.

“The regular scouter’s measurement ceiling was too low. I specially made a scientist of Earth modify its precision and increase its measurement ceiling. This new scouter can measure up to 50,000 power level.” (T/N: Even though this is not Cannon, but DB Xenoverse confirms that there are different tiers of scouter, with different ceilings. This explains how some scouters were able to read power levels above 50.000 on Namek.)

“Hahaha, don’t tell me you can reach 50,000 power level? Raditz, I didn’t know you had such a sense of humor?” Vegeta ruthlessly sneered, mocking Raditz and not thinking that he could ever reach that level.

“50,000 power level; he is about to kill me out of laughter!”

“Naturally, I don’t have 50,000, but the level I can reach will still surprise you.” Raditz flexed his body again; his muscles contracted, and then they grew in size. His long hair swayed behind him, starting to tilt slightly, and to be shrouded in a red flame that was gradually forming.

Air around him was rising rapidly, the clouds were getting scattered, and the blue sky was re-exposed; the atmosphere became almost static.

“Come on! Kaioken!” Piccolo and Goku shouted at the same time.

Others wanted to say the same, but it was stuck in their throats; they couldn’t speak, but their surprise was not hidden. Their hands trembled unconsciously, out of the fear that was born deep in their hearts before, when witnessing this.

In the Bulma’s place, dense cables linked sophisticated machines to each other through separates room. Three high-end precision instruments were neatly arranged on the table and connected to the main computer screen.

These instruments were currently the most advanced pieces of equipment on the planet. As a top scientist of the Capsule Corp, Bulma’s knowledge and talent in science was unquestionable. She managed to make these devices receive data of the Saiyan scouter. While Raditz’s scouter was thousands of miles away, the data was appearing on her screen within only a few milliseconds of latency.

Because Raditz wanted to monitor the effectiveness of the scouter, and Bulma also wanted to study this cross-cosmic communication technology, the two agreed to cooperate.

At this moment, Bulma stood in front of the screen in shock.

She saw the number on the screen continually flashing, rising rapidly from 20,000 to 30,000, and then rising to 40,000. The equipment was running efficiently, and the flashing light beat at an astonishing frequency. The whole machine was beeping fast, and the fans in the lab were working at maximum speed to cool the equipment down.

“I have measured Muten Roshi’s power level and it was only 139, but who is this now? Is it Son kun, or Raditz?” Bulma’s face was full of fear. Although she could not determined the owner of this power level, the number itself was enough to surprise her greatly.

This was far beyond the limits of the original scouter. This naturally meant that a 40,000 power level wasn’t a value that many people could achieve. After all, this scouter was designed to be used across the universe!

At the Kame House, Muten Roshi was also shocked. He perceived two massive Ki fighting fiercely. One of them was still growing, reaching a level beyond his imagination: It was Raditz’s Ki!


“Beep, Beep” The number on the scouter constantly increased, finally fixing at 41100!

“More than 40,000 power level!”

Vegeta’s pupil dialated; he started losing it; his hollow eyes went pale, and he could only feel some dizziness, but nothing else.

The pressure he felt was enough to make him know that the scouter wasn’t deceiving him. The red aura around Raditz burst into the air, like a miniature thunderbolt. His muscles were bulging as if power within them was trying to burst out. The pressure he emitted was smothering, and the ensuing storms blew one after the other, tilting even the largest of the fleeing beasts that were around.

“No, no…” Vegeta swayed his head in disbelief, and trembled uncontrollably.

What he was just mocking manifested right before his eyes, like a slap to the the face.

He kept on whispering “Impossible”, and his mind was blown away.

“Vegeta, if you want to fight, we can carry on, but I still want you to seriously consider my suggestion. Let’s deal with Frieza together!”

“You… don’t think you can afford to be so arrogant! I am the strongest Saiyan in the universe!”

Raditz was speechless; now was definitely not the time to argue about who’s strongest! Wasn’t his superiority clear enough by now? The Prince’s pride was proven to be too much of a hassle.

However, having Vegeta’s power by his side was definitely critical for any future success, and Raditz didn’t want to give up on him.

It seemed that only way was to beat him! “Alright, let’s go!”

After making up his mind, Raditz made his move. He joined the palms of his hands together and bent his fingers, pulling them to the side of his waist.

It looked like he was starting a Kamehameha!

When he and San Goku practiced, they specially focused on this move. Although its principle was simple, it was different from other attacks.

While it might look like a regular Saiyan Ki Blast, the Kamehameha was actually very different in the way it canalized Ki; it was the main difference between it and the other attacks.

Muten Roshi wasn’t the most powerful, but his control of Ki was beyond that of any other earthling, making him the most popular teacher on the planet!

“This will end it all!”

“Take my Galick gun!” Vegeta refused to admit defeat, and he also joined his hands to gather his Ki.

He was already in a all out battle, and his only other choice was to retreat.

His planned trip to Earth was supposed to be simple: Kill some trash, find some food, retrieve the Dragon Balls to fulfill his wish, and then move on.

Who could have thought that it would turn out like this?!

All of his anger and frustration were integrated into this single earth-shattering blow; it had to eradicate Raditz into pieces!

“Galick Gun!”

At the same time, the Kamehameha forged to the front, with the red light of the Kaioken dying it with a red radiance.

The resulting shockwave blew out to thousands of miles; Gohan and the others could only cover their eyes with their hands, relying only on Ki sense to judge the situation.

In the distance, the machines at Bulma’s place made a squeaky sound, and the long hours of work had brought them to the limit. The fan’s ability to dissipate it could no longer keep up.


The equipment exploded, and thick smoke came out…