Chapter 22: Raditz’s True Power


Raditz’s power eruption shocked everyone, and the air around him crackled like lightning. The entire surrounding area shook!

“This… this is your true face!” Watching Raditz, Vegeta’s back became soaked in sweat, and his face turned very gloomy.

“Get ready!” Raditz was the one to talk this time, as Vegeta spoke no more!

Vegeta’s pupils shrank quickly, and he instinctively punched forward, with no success. Raditz’s figure flashed like a ghost and disappeared before he could land a hit. Vegeta, who couldn’t feel his energy, searched left and right, and couldn’t see him in at all.

Taking this opportunity, Raditz kicked him in the back, following that by a Ki Blast that sent him flying away. The powerful impact made Vegeta’s body feel torn out, his back was scorched, and he rolled on the ground to calm the pain!

He panicked, as his slither of hope that the Scouter was malfunctioning faded away. As he took that hit from Raditz, he became sure that his foe had indeed a superior power level. The mere idea was agonizing!

For moment, Vegeta became reluctant, but although he knew he wasn’t as strong as Raditz, his pride was still intact. He thought that perhaps, with his current power level 18,000, his experience would make the difference, and could stand a chance against Raditz!

His Saiyan blood boiled again and his will to fight slowly, but surely, came back!

‘Let’s just fight!’ he thought…

In vain, Vegeta rushed at Raditz. The two collided, and the shadows of a thousand fists could be seen between them. Countless conflicting currents of air formed around their battle, Rock was shattered under the pressure of their power, and sky became gloomy as dark clouds formed above!

Vegeta mobilized all of the energy stored within his body, and his senses transcended to a new level that they had never reached before. As fists were exchanged, he had somewhat a form of Ki Sense. Even though it was neither complete nor developed, it was allowing him anticipate the Attacks of Raditz!

“Behind me!” All of a sudden, he turned around delivering a sweeping kick.

Raditz was shocked; he had moved behind Vegeta so quickly, he never expected to be located. He understood that Vegeta’s speed and perception were slowly, but surely catching up to his!

That was the most terrifying thing about Saiyans; the closer to defeat they are, the faster they evolve!

Raditz was also excited! What was a one sided battle even worth? Where’s the fun in that? His own Saiyan Blood erupted as well, and his will to fight the Prince increased.

Taking a swift step back, he managed to avoid Vegeta’s kick. He then quickly returned to exchange punches with him, finally managing to hit him to the chest and the stomach.

A cracking sound could be heard, as Vegeta’s battlesuit started to get shattered! The punch was so powerful; it drove out the contents of his stomach.

Raditz wasn’t going to give him room to breathe; he jumped in raising his arms and joining his hands to hammer him down!


As if he was hit by a meteor, Vegeta was smashed into the ground.

After rising to the sky above him quickly, Raditz gathered an immense amount of energy in his hands, on which a layer of blazing light started to form. The light was so bright; no one watching could see anything. By the time Vegeta stood up, he saw the light about his head approaching suddenly.

Numerous Ki Blasts were launched from Raditz’s hands, and flew all the way down to Vegeta, bombarding him frantically.

The tremendous power made the ground tremble, and the loud noise it made reached people in the distance, making them panick.

“Hey Goku, at this rate, they’ll just end up destroying the entire planet, won’t they? If they keep going all out like this, things could get dangerous!” Krillin wiped the sweat off of his forehead, and looked with fear at Raditz’s barrage of Ki blasts.

Air circulated around the two, lifting the newly forming dust to form a curtain the was so massive, it looked like it was linking the sky to the ground!

Seeing such powerful Ki blasts, Krillin started to get worried, since they were all hitting the same spot. This shouldn’t be enough to just take down Vegeta, this might end up cracking the ground!

“Rest assured, Raditz is in full control of his attack, only targeting Vegeta’s body. No need to worry. Beside, Vegeta also has more strength remaining, if you focus, you can sense that his Ki hasn’t weakened that much.”

“If you say so…”

“This monster… How could he take such attack?!” Piccolo couldn’t help but wonder.

He had always kept a trace of arrogance, when facing Goku, and even when facing Raditz. It kept him going, and confident in surpassing them. But seeing such a battle, his confidence gradually faded, to be replaced by jalousie. He felt like a pheasant standing on the floor, looking up to flying falcons, envying them.

Soon, Raditz threw out his final blow. His most powerful Ki Blast Yet pierced through the air, dazzling everyone with its light, and landed straight on Vegeta. The explosion it caused was massive, and the ensuing mushroom cloud it made could be seen from miles away.


The impact spread out vibrations in all directions, shattering rocks and even mountains.

And the ruined ground, Vegeta stood on his legs; his hands crossed over head, covering himself. His armor was all gone, and even his clothes were ragged. However, his body was intact.

Dust covered him, making him look like a mess. However, the flame in his eyes did not fade. Vigorously he clenched his fist, and flexed his muscle!

“RADITZ! SEE?! I’ve withstood your attack! Now, it’s my turn!”

As Vegeta yelled, his hands were already in fighting position. As he stepped out of the whole he, a deep crater formed around him and he flashed up towards Raditz!

The later, while remaining vigilant, took the fight, and went in on Vegeta!

The two clashed, both punching each other to the face! Almost at the same time, they started using their legs, with each kick of one of them being blocked by the leg of the other! The collisions were fierce, sending energy waves across the battlefield!

Raditz was a little surprised, thinking; ‘How can this guy take such hits? Did he improve just now?’

As Raditz was in mid air, Vegeta disappeared, only to rush in from behind, his hand opened like spear that’s ready to pierce through his opponent:


Raditz quickly bowed his head and dodged the blow. Taking advantage of his big long legs, he spun and kicked, relying on his superior range. He knew that Vegeta was smaller than he was, and he was going to take full advantage of that!

Sure enough, he managed to land his kick on Vegeta’s chest, pushing him away.

“Ha ha ha ha! So that’s all you have!” Vegeta beat the dust from his body, his iconic hair swaying in the wind, and a confident smile appeared on his face.

“It seems that your bursting strength can stand against me!” Raditz said.

“For the record, I am the strongest Saiyan!”

“Not necessarily, I still have a trick that I didn’t use yet.” Raditz relaxed his hands and smiled…