Chapter 21: The Wrathful Prince


A burning pain spread throughout Raditz’s body and fear started to grow within him.

18,000 power level was definitely no joke!

He didn’t expect Vegeta’s attack to be so powerful, much more powerful than anything previously had experienced. This punch was loaded with all of Vegeta’s anger and frustration.

As the prince of all Saiyans, even as a child, he was capable of beating some adult Saiyan warriors. He was strong beyond expectation and even thought that he surpassed his father, to become the strongest Saiyan in the universe. He looked down upon even other so called “high class warriors”, so inferior one such as Raditz and Kakarot were almost non-existent to him!

When Raditz perform his duties under his command, he didn’t even dare to speak loudly in his presence. All he ever dared to say was asking for orders. For that reason, he was deemed as the weakest by Vegeta!

But what was happening now? Two inferior Saiyans were provocatively challenging him and even dared to threaten him! The most unbearable thing was that Raditz was now running his mouth about proving that he is superior to him! This was absolutely impossible!

Vegeta roared, punched Raditz’s body again and again, with enough power to shatter his battlesuit off his body.

“Raditz, what strength did you want to show me? Go ahead, SHOW ME!” Vegeta pulled his fist back and hit Raditz to his cheek, sending him flying.

His figure flew back for dozens of meters, leaving a trail on the ground until it stopped in a cloud of dust.

“What? Raditz was knocked down!” Tien Shinhan was shocked.

What he and his friends saw was Raditz being pummeled by Vegeta and knocked away without even having a chance to fight back. Was Vegeta really that strong? They all became nervous clenching their fists.

Yamcha said: “Goku, I remember you said that this month Raditz didn’t train seriously, is this because of that?”

“No, my brother was very serious when training, he practiced eight hours a day. He spend half that time doing basic fitness exercises.”

“So, he is just rusty now from lack of combat?”

“No. If you haven’t noticed, he’s not getting weaker!” Goku smiled with confidence, “On the contrary, his Ki is still growing to unprecedented heights!”

“This…” Everyone was suddenly shocked.

They were all masters of Ki Sense. After calming dow, they could all feel Raditz’s immense Ki.

Back to Vegeta, he watched Raditz rising slowly from the ground and standing up again.

“Well, it’s not that easy for one to stand up after that!” Vegeta sneered: “It seems that your claims were not just nonsense after all. Standing up after getting hit by my punches proves that you’ve indeed gotten much stronger. If I’m not mistaken, you and Kakarot should have the power level of over 10,000 right now!”

Raditz’s wiped the blood off the corner of his mouth and nodded. “Good guess.”

“No wonder you became so confident! But what do you think that even means?!” Vegeta approached slowly, and suddenly, his body disappeared into the air.

Raditz’s hair stood and he turned around unconsciously, but Vegeta’s elbow to his heart from behind had already landed, knocking him down. Without giving him room to breathe, Vegeta pulled back his knee and kicked him up tens of meters into the sky!

He looked at him, saying proudly as he approached: “No matter how much you improve, I’ll be always above you in power! There is natural difference between me and you. This is an unchangeable fact. UNDERSTAND?”

As he roared and his voice was getting louder, Ki gathered in his hands, and light started to be emitted from his palms. He repeatedly though Ki Blasts!

Boom! Boom! Boom! Boom!

With each one, the earth trembled. Even thousands of miles away, people were thinking there was an earth quake going on, and rushed in panic to open places.

Even Tien Shinhan and the others can’t help but shed cold sweat, and each Ki Blast felt to them like a needle to the heart, making them worry.

The endless bombing shattered the ground, forming a massive mushroom cloud of dust that seemed to link the heavens to the earth. Grass around the two was being scorched, rock was being scattered, and Raditz was lying quietly there in the pit that kept getting deeper, without moving.

“You good for nothing, it seems you’re not going to make it alive after all! If you have enough strength remaining in you to stand up then show me! Stand…” Vegeta was not through talking, when Raditz started moving.

He raised his mighty body slowly, stepped out of the pit, and stood proudly before Vegeta, like an unmovable mountain!

“Excuse me!”  Raditz laughed, his hands on his waist, and his body began to emit a light aura.

“You… stood up!” Vegeta was shocked, as he felt an invisible pressure from Raditz. Right then, the number on his scouter started rising from a little above 10,000 eventually stopping at 20,000!

“Are you kidding? 20,000 power level! Impossible! Impossible! You are nothing but a lower class warrior!” Vegeta was in cold sweat, and he started breathing heavily.

He was already convinced that Raditz had improved, but never thought that he would actually surpass him. There was no way that he could that. How could be possibly change so much within only a year? No matter how much progress he made, he was still nothing but a low-class warrior. It was a fact the day he was born, and it was not going to change!

The Prince’s pride was deeply hit, and he grabbed his scouter, crushing it to pieces.

“This piece of trash must be faulty! Raditz, there’s no way you can surpass me!”

Raditz beat the dust off of his body, and rotated his shoulders, neck, and wrists as if he was warming up. Unlike his battlesuit, his body was unscathed behind the dust, with no serious injury. Even the blood on the corner of his mouth was caused by nothing but a scratch.

After two rounds, he now had a general idea about Vegeta’s strength, speed and fighting style, and it was time to counterattack. He knew already, that when Vegeta would be the most proud and think that he could win, that would be the perfect time to take him down.

“Now, it’s about time that I reveal to you my true strength.” Raditz took a fighting stance, and gazed sharply at Vegeta.

Vegeta and Nappa were both filled of fear, while the others were full of expectations, especially Goku; his blood was already boiling for action!