Chapter 20: Holding Back


Nappa wiped the blood stains from off corners of his mouth, looked at Son Goku viciously, gasping violently.

He couldn’t believe it. How could a low class warrior be better than one from a prestegious bloodline?! How could it be! HOW!

“Impossible! Kakarot, I shall crush you!” Nappa yelled wildly. Then, without warning, he widely opened his mouth, not to speak, but to shoot a white beam of light!

The sudden energy wave’s speed was astonishing, and it frightened Goku for a moment. He quickly reacted and almost instinctively counterattacked with a Kamehameha. The pale blue light instantly swallowed up the white light and drawned Nappa’s body.

“Damn… That was close. Like Piccolo, you can shoot from your mouth!” Goku wiped his sweat and could not help but complain about this cheap move.

Piccolo’s ear twitched and leaned over: “Hum, whatever.”

The light faded, Nappa reappeared with only a super high quality underwear. He was staring at Goku, tired, and still standing in mid-air. At this moment, his mind became blank and understood that he was being completely overpowered, completely beaten. His pride had been crushed, and his anger was exhausted by despair. Despite his Saiyan blood driving him to go on, he reached his limit.

He stared at Goku, fearing death.

“Nappa, you are no match for him, come back!”

At such a critical moment, Vegeta ordered him to retreat. The latter could not stand watching them anymore; he could only call him back. If not, with Goku being so strong, Nappa would be killed in no time.

In fact, just a moment ago, Vegeta saw Goku’s power level rising directly from 5,000 to 10,000. How could Nappa stand against him with his max power level of 6,000?The gap between them was obvious. If Goku gave his all right of the bat, Nappa would most likely be dead by now. Vegeta had to deal with Goku personally.

Nappa received Vegeta’s order and immediately obeyed; he was no longer in a pinch. In fact, he had no will to fight anymore, and he couldn’t dare to attack Goku again. However, his eyes aimed at Gohan and the others, and a sly thought emerged in his heart. ‘If I can’t beat you, perhaps I can take your son!’

Nappa secretly glanced at Goku and saw that he wasn’t paying attention to him; he sneered and rushed at Gohan!

He was about to hit him, vent all his anger and frustration, when he was suddenly slammed down.


He rushed in quickly and thrown back even faster; in the blink of an eye, Nappa was at Vegeta’s feet.

If one look closely, he would see that Nappa’s entire arm was bent and scrapped. He had foam all over his mouth, and his face was distorted. What actually happened was that he got intercepted by a furious Piccolo; one kick as enough to take down his arm. He was brought to shame again!

Impatiently, Vegeta held Nappa’s wrist, picked him up, and threw him in the air, “You trash!”

“No, Vegeta! Please, DON’T!”

Nappa wasn’t stupid enough to not know what Vegeta was about to do. He immediately started begging for mercy, using the last of his strength to scream.

His hysterical shouting wasn’t going to change Vegeta’s decision. At this time, Vegeta still had his original thoughts: those who are useless are to be killed. Today Nappa proved that he was nothing but a burden.

A circular sphere of light flashed around him, like a glowing little sun, breaking down the surrounding rocks into powder that were devoured by his energy. His power shook everyone, and it seemed that noone could interfere.

In a heartbeat, a beam of light rushed out of the sphere, like a dragon ascending to heaven.

“What a great Ki!”

“This Saiyan is much stronger than the big one!” Piccolo glared at Vegeta, gritting his teeth.

Suddenly, he saw a figure rushing through the afterglow towards the fierce beam. The caracteristic silhouette shocked him: it was Raditz!

“Don’t you dare kill anyone!” Raditz roared

Without hesitation, he pointed his already accumulated Ki wave at Vegeta’s attack, splitting it in two beams, that continued their course to the sky.

At the same time, Goku flew over, caught Nappa, and then brought him back to his companions.

“Why? Why did you save me, Kakarot?”

Nappa was desperate, believed he was dead; the last thing he expected was that Raditz and Kakarot would rush in to save him. Shock, disbelief, and happiness all mixed up to create an indescribable feeling within his heart.

“We’re all Saiyans!” Goku’s response was simple and clear; he took Nappa to a distance and put him on the ground.

Everyone else also began to retreat, giving way to Raditz and Vegeta’s decisive battle.

They all knew that among them, the most powerful was Raditz, but Nappa still didn’t know that. He said to Goku: “Raditz is looking for his death. You and your friends must join forces, and perhaps you might still stand a chance. You have no idea how horrifying Vegeta could…”

“No, it’s you who doesn’t have an idea how horrifying Raditz could be!” Nappa hadn’t finished his words, when he was interrupted by Piccolo.

Goku also nodded: “I have sparred against my brother many times, but I never won at all; I believe that he can beat Vegeta.”

“Haha, oh yeah, we’ve all tried to take him down at the same time, and he beat us all on his own. It was rather bumming, I don’t really want to remember that!” Krilin added.

Hearing their words, Nappa was totally shocked and couldn’t understand anything.


The wind carried his voice to the middle of where Vegeta and Raditz were standing.

Unlike Nappa, Vegeta was able to notice Raditz’s extraordinary progress early on. While he still couldn’t believe how much progress Raditz was able to make in just one year on Earth, Goku’s performance against Nappa had already given him a wake up call. He couldn’t stand thinking not understanding the matter anymore.

“Raditz, what have you done? Your power level should be only 1,500. These earthlings, how could they have any more than 2,000 power level?!”

“The answer to your question is the key to defeating Frieza.” Raditz desperately tried to settle things peacefully: “Want to listen?”

“What!” Vegeta snorted and didn’t say more.

“Think about it, it’s all up to you. I believe you’re not willing to remain Frieza’s slave for the rest of your life?”

“How dare you speak to me like this, Raditz! You’re making me angry!” Vegeta stepped closer to Raditz, with wrath flashing out from his eyes, almost smothering everyone with his momentum, and making the earth tremble!

“I am the prince of all Saiyans! You may have forgotten this. Let me give you a reminder today!”

Vegeta’s voice did not fall, when his figure disappeared, and he suddenly appeared on Raditz’s side, giving him a fist to his abdomen. It was as if the robust battlesuit was as fragile as paper, and it shattered into pieces.

Raditz’s eyes were round as his abdomen was slammed, and the intense pain spread throughout the body.

Blood, slowly flowed out…