Chapter 2: Getting Familiar with his New Body

Chapter 2: Getting Familiar with his New Body

“Damn it, shame on me!” Raditz looked stunned until he was far from Vegeta and Nappa.

He hadn’t fully gotten familiar with his body yet, and was unable to use even the simplest ability of flying. In the next few days, while claiming to be injured, he was willing to familiarize himself with all aspects of his body.

The first thing was testing his physical strength.

Raditz picked up a stone and gently pinched it, and the stone shattered.

With the effort he usually used to hold a glass cup, he easily crushed the stone, which made him surprised. But that was exactly what he wanted to control. Being able to control his strength with precision will be key to master his body.

“If I remember correctly, my fighting style should mainly involve Ki Blasts and physical attacks. 1200 is my strength at rest, and with other factors it will be around 1500. I must try my Ki blast now.”

Raditz tried to sense the energy in his body and gather it in his palm. It was amazing that a blue energy gathered at the edge of his palm and gradually formed a ball of light.

This was the most basic move. Without Ki Blasts, one could not be called a warrior.


With a scream, the Ki Blast flew straight to a barren small mountain.

The attack made an explosion, with a deafening white noise, “Boom”! Rose grey dust scattered, and countless pieces of rubble fell, leaving only remnants of what used to be the mountain.

Just a small energy ball, and it had such a power. It seemed that a 1500 power level was not low.

But then again he remembered that Kame-Sennin could blow out the moon. So it was not surprising that he had such strength. What’s more, he couldn’t control the direction of the ball he had just sent. He could only shoot it straight, with low mastery.

“Find someone to practice with.” Raditz suddenly thought.

After all, one could only make so much progress on his own. Now he was familiar with his physical power, and he had learned to mobilize his energy. If he could go through several actual battles, he would surely have a lot to learn.

Thinking of this, Raditz opened the detector.




A dozen signals came out at once, and the alarm sounded constantly in the ear, and the numbers were constantly switching.

250, 582, 322, 455, 890, 1421… The highest was actually more over 2,300!

When Nappa said that the combat power is not high in this place, he thought that it should be no higher than 1000 at best. Now it seemed that this planet was closer to his thought of the medium-level planet.

Raditz did not dare to be careless. He first looked for the weak hand and moved towards the target with the 250 power level.

In a moment, he found the target following the detector.

It was an extraterrestrial with a frog’s head, dark green and strong, with a row of round white hemispheres on his chest, four arms, and each of his hands held a weapon.

He saw Raditz and instinctively stepped back.

“The Saiyans!” He exclaimed and raised his laser gun.

Raditz could see that the people on this planet have already feared the Saiyans, and the hand of his target that was holding the gun was trembling. On the detector, his power level fluctuated slightly.

“Indeed, when the mood is different, the combat power will change.” Raditz whispered softly.

At this time, the frog man shot him.

The light was thin and sharp, containing a lot of energy, and it went straight to Raditz’s chest.

“Come on!” Raditz didn’t flinch; he condensed an energy ball in his hand and threw it forward.

The two energies collided, a violent friction broke out in an instant and sparks spread in the air. Raditz’s Ki sphere suppressed the steady flow of light.

The frog was bombarded; the soil was turned up all the way, the trees broke down, and there was a big explosion in the air.


The huge explosion echoed in the ears, leaving a big pit on the ground. The frog man was transformed into smoke and dust in the bombing, and no remnants of him were left.

The gap between combat effectiveness was too obvious, and using Ki Sphere was absolute overkill.

While feeling the joy of the first battle victory, the detector suddenly issued a warning. He was surrounded by several 300 combat power sources, all coming to him.

“All right!” While his soul was that of a human, Saiyan blood ran through Raditz’s veins. He couldn’t help but clench his fist and feel a little excited.

He took the initiative and ran through the jungle, and found the place where energy gathered. There were seven frogs, very similar, but different in size. They were running towards their dead companion and met Raditz face to face.

“The saiyans! It’s the Saiyans!” He didn’t know who screamed.

Then everyone screamed, showing a fierce and fearful expression. They stared at Raditz arrogantly, armed with their weapons, and did not dare to come forward.

You can’t stand to me! Raditz didn’t hesitate and rushed to them, and he was surprised by the speed of his sprint.

He did not use the energy ball again, but launched a melee onslaught, Elbow, side kick, serial boxing, knee hit, back throw, Big Hammer… All the moves he could make were displayed one by one. Although he sequenced his attacks into fluid combos, several frogmen have been defeated by the mere crushing of fighting power.

Soon, there were only two surviving frogs who faced Raditz with boundless fear.

They glanced at each other and made up their minds to attack Raditz together.

A pair of fists cannot rival four hands, and the two had four arms each! Though their fighting power was low, their attack speed was not bad, which made a great challenge for Raditz.

“Come on!” Raditz gulped and continued to launch several punches.

Even facing two enemies, Raditz continued to gain the upper hand. His one punch could break the opponent’s arm completely, and he was quickly overwhelming all of their eight hands. At first, he felt that his eyes could not keep up; but the more he fought, the more he felt his enemies getting slower.

After several rounds, the frogmen’s arms were all broken, bones pricked out of the skin, and purple blood poured from their wounds.

They screamed, the white hemisphere of the chest burst suddenly, and the meat capsule inside had an energy shock, which took Raditz by surprise.


A huge impact, actually threw Raditz a few feets away.

“Damn! Great!” Raising his neck, Raditz stood up and saw the frogman in front of him had fallen down and died completely.

He looked at his body again. Besides some dirt on his battle suit, he had no scars.

“It seems that they can hardly penetrate my combat suit. Its defense was really strong. My body is amazing too. After taking that explosion, I don’t even feel a bit of pain…” Raditz sighed. Suddenly, the smile on the corner of his mouth faded. “Well, now it’s time to find food!”



On the other side, Vegeta clasped her hands and tapped his fingers impatiently in his arms, looking in the direction of Raditz’s departure: “This boy, dawdling, I really want to kill him…”