Chapter 19 – Son Goku vs. Nappa

“Nappa, take care of him!”

Nappa’s Ki was smothering, overwhelming Son Gohan for a moment.

Everyone else was also surprised. They didn’t expect that Vegeta would so quickly command Nappa to attack before the end of Saibamen battle. The latter already rubbed his hands, heard the order, started to prepare himself.

Son Gohan took a few steps backwards in fear. The previous Saibamen was nothing compare to Nappa. His strong body was like a hill to him, and he looked so savage, instantly making him feel a hint of regretting that he opposed him.

Nappa’s fighting method relied mainly on his iron wall of a physique. His powerful momentum raised dust to the sky as he stared at Gohan. The latter’s clothes were stirred up by his Ki, as the air, and even rocks were being lifted up by the Saiyan’s pressure.

His powerful energy made a crater into the ground, and he blasted out with seemingly infinite force, rushing a Gohan like a moving mountain!

Obviously, Son Gohan couldn’t keep up with Nappa’s speed, and could only try to raise his guard and block him with his hands, and keep as hard and long as he could. Nappa was determined to win, and seeing that Son Gohan was ready, get him more excited!


His powerful punch made a nothing but a light sound, as his energy seemed to dissipate, and the impact of his strike seemed to be muffled. Nappa was stunned.

His fist was blocked by one hand, and it held it so tight that he could not even pull his arm away.

Son Goku!

Goku’s figure was standing still before Nappa, as he locked his fist in his grip calmly.

“WHAT!” Vegeta and Nappa’s scooters jumped out to an astonishing number: 5000!

”A low class warrior… How is this possible?!” Nappa exclaimed.

He unconsciously was in cold sweat, with his heart thumping wildly. He didn’t even see Goku appearing in front of him! He was even faster!

”Let me guess, 5000 should be your lowest power level, Kakarot!” Vegeta stared at him with wrath, and Son Goku’s eyes changed. Suddenly, he turned his head and looked at the other side.

“What about Raditz…”

He had a hunch that Raditz should be stronger!

Looking back to the battle, Nappa and Son Goku were still fighting each other.

Son Goku turned his head and looked at Gohan: “Gohan, you have done a very good job, but now it’s time to hand it over to Dad.”

After that, he used his other hand to launch 2 Ki Bombs directly towards the remaining Sibamen, frying them within an instant.

At this time, Nappa bit his teeth, and threw forward his other fist that was engulfed in white energy. Goku’s palm, again, greeted the bursting punch. The two powerful energies collided with a loud bang, and the impact made the ground underneath them sink into a pit.

Others were stunned and retreated. Only Raditz didn’t budge, looking at the two fighting, full of confidence in Son Goku.

”Kakarot, how do you dare to oppose me?!” Nappa angrily said, his veins popping out on his head.

”Dare? You’re not even an opponent of mine!” Goku said honestly.

”What did you just say???”

Napa was so angry, he looked like he was about to burst at any second. His face was so red, and his body was so contracted that he could not stop shaking. He added energy to his fist, and thought he could overwhelm Goku! Although Nappa’s muscles were as hard as iron, Goku didn’t move, even a little.

Seeing Nappa grinding his teeth, it seemed to Goku that he had reached his limit. He simply relaxed his hand and fell backward. The sudden change happened too fast for Nappa to react to it. His own momentum pushed him forwards, and Goku easily leaned back and then sprang back at him, kicking him high into the sky.

The tremendous force behind Goku’s kick smashed his battle suite, shattering it into pieces.

Nappa was launched like a cannonball into the sky, his mouth dripping down, his face deformed in pain.


Goku burst out his strength and went in a flash behind him, hammering him, and throwing him down to the ground.

The ground blasted, clods of earth were splattered everyone, and a crater with a diameter of a 100 meters formed around the impact zone. The cracked lines spread into the distance, covering the ground densely as if they were massive spider-webs.

Nappa fell down forming pit in the center, his body scorched. Whatever was left of his battlesuit was completely destroyed.

”Bastard!” He yelled angrily, jumping out of the deep pit, and slamming his fists to his chest revealing his brute power.

The ground collapsed, the debris around rose to the sky. The mountains around rumbled, sun light seemed to break as it entered the area, and his Ki destroyed all the grass in a massive circle around the crater.

Son Goku looked at the savage Nappa without any signs of fear.

”You have indeed a Saiyan’s power, and worthy of it!”Although Nappa was not as fresh as he was in the beginning, Goku did not take it lightly and looked cautious.

After those words, Goku launched an attack again, flickering through air a hundred meters as he prepared to deliver a punch to Nappa! The air waves released by his fist were like surge of the waves on a shore, rushing wantonly and heading straight for Nappa.

”Inferior soldier, don’t be too confident!”

Nappa didn’t flee, flexing his muscles in order to absorb the blow.

He heavily stood on his feet, his eyes were dazzling. His domineering attitude showed in his fierce posture of a beast.


With a roar, a huge impact hit Nappa.

The loud sound of the explosion was deafening. Son Goku felt his fists numb and his strength rebounded. Nappa’s body blocked his fist, even broke through his strength, and pounced straight at him!

Goku was slightly surprised: “Wasn’t that your maximum?”

Nappa didn’t answer, raised his hand and fought Goku. The two men crossed their limbs, and went back and forth leaving hundreds of shadows waving in the air, dazzling anyone who would look.

Although Nappa’s offensive was fierce, Goku’s defense was like an impenetrable wall, blocking every one of Nappa’s moves, and counterattacking with crushing power, overwhelming him quickly.

It seemed that Nappa’s power, filled with anger, began to gradually face. Nappa had already had several punches to the body, and his face was getting blue. His arms were sore and he could barely persist.

”It’s amazing!” Krilin looked at the sky, where the clouds spread out!”

”This Saiyan, he doesn’t seem that strong.”

”No, that guy is very strong indeed, but Son Goku is much stronger.” Piccolo concluded.

Unlike them, with their optimism, Vegeta became rather unpatient. He tapped his arm, grinded his teeth, and wrinkled his eyebrows. He couldn’t wait to fight Son Goku, and when he looked at the unrecognizable Nappa, he was filled with anger.


Just as Vegeta became furious, Nappa was smashed to the ground. His whole body was bruised all over, blood ran from his mouth all the way down to his chin, and even some of his teeth were missing.

It was the first time for him to be in such trouble, and what’s more infuriating was that all of this was caused by this low class warrior. He couldn’t bear it.