Chapter 18: The Saibamen Battles


The Saibaman rose from the ground, screamed and rushed to Yamcha.

Its claws were sharp, around 10 cm long, and it was very fast: it has leaped out tens of meters at the slightest step.

“Watch out!”

The Sibamen’s ferocious attack and loud noise suddenly stopped! It was dashing through the air, ready to tear up his enemy, but Yamcha suddenly disappeared!

In a blink of an eye, a figure suddenly flashed out behind him and kicked him straight in the head with a flying kick.

The blow was so strong that the Saibaman turned around in the air three times, sliding on the ground for ten meters before stopping.

“Good for nothing!” Vegeta was furious and stretched out two fingers, blasting the Saibaman into pieces.

Nappa looked at the scene and he couldn’t keep his forehead from getting sweaty.

“I said attack with all your strength, don’t hold back!” Vegeta turned and pointed to another Saibaman.

“You will go next, don’t lose again.”

The Saibaman he pointed at trembled and walked to the front with great fear.

Yamcha seemed confident, and gave Krillin a high five: “These monsters are no match for you.”

“Is that so? Then I will knock it down faster than you!”

“Ha ha, give it a try.”

“Okay. I am in!” Krilin jumped to the front and got ready.

The Saibaman and Krilin looked at each other, and a glint in their eyes showed at the same time.


Both disappeared in front of everyone!

“Ah… they are gone.” Gohan was shocked.

“Focus and you will sense them! What did I teach you when you can’t see your enemy?!” Piccolo was dissatisfied.

Gohan felt ashamed and tried to sense their Ki. Indeed, in no time he said: “I can see them!”

As he finished his words, the Saibaman was already thrown to the ground. It was barely carrying itself weakly, and could no longer stand up.

“Trash!” Vegeta once again finished off the dying creature.

“This guy has just increased his power level to more than two thousand instantly!” His eyes turned to look at Raditz.

Noticing that the two Earthlings’ power levels changed so dramatically, Vegeta suddenly started to have some suspicions.

“I am afraid that 1800 is no longer Raditz’s true power level. Would I really have to challenge him myself? Does Raditz really have enough power to compete with me?” Vegeta was puzzled, and assigned the next one to fight, as he wanted to observe again.

This time it was Tien Shinhan’s turn. The Saibamen had already lost two rounds; their confidence greatly declined, and Tien could sense their fear.

“You, you’re up!” Vegeta said.

The Saibamen were even more afraid of Vegeta, and the one assigned could only bow his head and rush out with all he had. Tien Shinhan stood his ground, not budging to dodge the attack and not even trying to block it.

As the Saibaman successfully hit him, it was overjoyed, just to feel shock immediately! His claws went through Tien! It was nothing but an afterimage.

After taking two steps back, he found that over a dozen “Tien Shinhans” were surrounding him, all being afterimages produced by high-speed movement! He couldn’t tell which one was real, and got lost and afraid, as if waiting for sudden death!

“No problem, his power level is 1150, and the Saibaman’s is 1200! What can go wrong?” Nappa was stressed out. He pressed the scouter anxiously, and Tien Shinhan fighting power level was still 1150.

“Being 50 points below the Saibamen, how can he manage to do that?!”

“Nappa, don’t trust the scouter anymore. I’m afraid these guys are able to change their power level at will.” Vegeta was finally convinced and felt uneasy.

On the battlefield, Tien Shinhan launched his attack, and all the afterimages instantly turned into one. His heavy fists banged the Saibaman’s chest, smashing him into pieces that flew away.

“Haha, we won again!”

“This was too easy.” Tien Shinhan turned and raised his arm and gave a thumbs up to his companions. Behind him, the Saibaman fragments were on the ground.

“So who is next? Gohan?”


Vegeta and Nappa watched the guys in front of them cheering, completely ignoring them. It made them feel somewhat humiliated.

Their superiority was clear, and they were trying to decide who would fight next like it was a game. Earth suddenly appeared to be difficult to conquer, and Vegeta and Nappa felt they had to make their presence known

The Earth warriors gathered around Gohan, cheering him up, completely ignoring the Saiyans.

“You seem quite confident with the next one!” Vegeta could not help but shout.

Krilin’s laughter was loud, and with the interference of others, Vegeta’s words were quickly drowned in their chatter, and people still ignored him. Only Raditz gave him a look that seemed to be out of pity. Vegeta’s mouth twitched slightly, and it seemed that his patience reached its limit.

Finally, Gohan stepped forward, his short body rolled a few laps in the air and landed steadily.

The Saibaman knew that he was his opponent, and attacked without thinking. As Gohan was a kid, he obviously thought that he would be weaker than the previous ones.

It was Son Gohan’s first fight. Although he experienced many simulations and alot training, he felt great pressure. But his Saiyan instinct ignited his fighting spirit. Facing the Saibaman, Son Gohan gathered his courage and focused.

“Sense the Ki… Sense the Ki…”

He kept thinking about the techniques Piccolo taught him.

Suddenly, the Saibaman sent an energy beam, directly rushing his way!

Gohan screamed, and white energy light bloomed from his hands, as he launched more than a dozen Ki Blasts, pulling beautiful arcs from different angles and turning into white arc that shined making a loud noise echoing in the wilderness.

At the same time, the figures on the Scouter increased drastically. As Nappa noticed the power level on the scouter, his face became blue.


How could a kid have such a high power level?!

The Saibaman seemed to somehow survive the Ki waves and charged forward. However, as the smoke from the impact dissipated, it revealed his trashed body that was destroyed, with bones within it exposed. The charge everyone saw was just his last effort to attack. After two steps, it stopped, with him falling apart.

“Is he Kakarot’s son?! The Saibaman has lost!”

Vegeta was angry, and he had a bad feeling about all of this. “No more games, now it’s time to get serious. Nappa, get him!”