Chapter 17: Raditz, You’re Not Dead?


“Hey?! Isn’t that Raditz? You are not dead… Or have you already been resurrected?”

Nappa was very surprised to see Raditz, who was standing at the forefront of everyone.

The scouter-trap idea worked: they thought that Raditz was dead, and they also knew about the existence of the Dragon Balls, so they rushed to Earth.

But everything in front of him was peculiar; Raditz was alive, and he seemed to be leading the group of Earthlings!

“This brat!” Vegeta gritted his teeth and dropped to the ground in a hurry.


The two men rapidly landed and the scouter rang.

Their battle suits were exactly the same as Raditz’s, imposing, fierce and chilling.

“Are you waiting for us to make our move?” Vegeta crossed his arms, and looked at Raditz with contempt. “So Raditz, don’t you have some explaining to do?”

His face was gloomy, and he was near the edge of the explosion. If Raditz wasn’t dead, it meant that he had been deceived. An inferior warrior actually dared to deceive him?! Then he would only deserve death.

His bloodthirst quietly spread out into the air; making everyone feel a chill down their spines

Before practicing and improving, Raditz would definitely be scared, trembling before Vegeta’s wrath. But now, he just smiled and stepped forward: “Vegeta, I have never died. In fact, I just wanted you to come to Earth, to have a talk!”

“Ha ha ha ha ha.” Vegeta’s laughter was mixed with doubts, disdain, ridicule and anger. “You sided with the earthlings and lied to me, you have betrayed the Saiyan race! I shall kill you, and then destroy Earth and mankind!”

“Yeah, Earth is indeed in Frieza’s plan. Now you’ll destroy the earth for him, and then what? Will you just keep running around being his dog for the rest of your life?” Raditz asked in a more ridiculous tone.

This sentence is like a thorn into Vegeta’s heart.

“Shut up!”

“It seems that you don’t want to go on like this. Why don’t you resist him? My brother on the planet, Kakarot, also called Son Goku, has a group of outstanding partners around him. If we add three of them to our team, fighting Frieza should become possible.”

“Don’t make me laugh! Just because you have this trash lie aside, you dare to tell what to do with Frieza? I think you’ve just lost your mind !” Vegeta’s scouter showed Raditz’s power level very clearly: 1800.

Nappa also agreed: “A power level of 1800 is indeed stronger than before, but that kind of combat power is still really usel…!”

“Scouters can also be inaccurate.” Son Goku interrupted Nappa.

Facing two Saiyan, passion for fighting was ignited in his blood. This was especially caused by Vegeta, who made him more impulsive to fight. It should be difficult to convince the two now. The worst outcome was that a big fight would break out between the two sides.

“Are you Kakarot?”

“My name is Son Goku!”

“Sigh”… “Answer me, since Raditz is not dead, then are the so-called Dragon Balls also fake?” Vegeta still cared about Dragon Balls.

“No, the Dragon Balls are real and can fulfill any wish.”

Upon hearing this, Vegeta showed a satisfied smile of satisfaction, as his trip to Earth wasn’t so useless after all. He hated Frieza and wanted to deal with him, but Raditz’s proposal was simply impossible for him. How strong can a few people on Earth be? how strong can they be with three or four Saiyans? Even Ginyu would be difficult for them to defeat, not to mention Frieza.

So he refused to listen to Raditz and still hoped that the Dragon Balls could give him eternal life.

“Explain the Dragon Ball thing clearly, and I will consider sparing your life.” Vegeta held his chin proudly.

“It seems that you are not going to follow my advice. Then, I can only show you how powerful we are!” Raditz said, and then slowly moved back, going to the far left of the crowd, who were standing up and looking at Vegeta.

“Nappa, did you hear this? Raditz wants to show us his power! Hahaha, look at his power level! With a little over a thousand, he dares to speak out? Have you forgotten how strong I am? ”

“Fools! All of you can’t beat me, even together!” Nappa smirked coldly.

“Don’t be so impatient.” Vegeta laughed. “Let’s test the seeds that we have found before, and see how hard they could push their luck.”

Nappa heard him and laughed, pulling out a small bottle from the waist, which contained a few seeds. He poured the seeds out and planted them into the soil.

In a short while, a few ugly monsters popped out of the ground. Their heads was like cabbage, the limbs were slender, and their whole bodies were green and oily.

“That… what is that? So disgusting!” Krillin saw the creatures drilling out the ground, and his face suddenly changed.

“They look like some alien creatures.”

Piccolo had a cold face : “They’re all trash.”

“Trash? What a loud mouth.” Nappa heard Piccolo’s words, and then suddenly seemed shocked. “Hey? You are a Namekian?!”

“A Namekian?!” It was the first time that Piccolo heard the name of his race. So, he was an extraterrestrial as well. That’s why he was so powerful.

“No wonder, I heard that the Namekians have some magical power. It seems that you are the ones to create the Dragon Balls. Yes, you are also the one fighting Raditz. I recognize your voice from that call.” Nappa grinned with a grim face.

“Voice?” Everyone took a slight glimpse and immediately reacted. Raditz did say indeed said that the scouter could also be used as a communication device.

“If you want to fight me, go ahead!” Piccolo snorted disdainfully. He assumed a fighting position, looking at Nappa with cold eyes.

“You seem to have more people than the Saibamen, so you can’t fight one-on-one.” Vegeta said with great interest that it seems a pity.

“No need to be on one-on-one, I can do it! Piccolo, let me handle this!” Goku said confidently.

“No, you don’t need to go in.” Raditz stopped Goku. “Just let Gohan deal with these creatures, it will be easy, and they will believe in our strength.”

“Well… alright.” After some thought, Son Goku put his hands on his waist and retreated to the side.

The two agreed with each other and backed down. Piccolo also let down his fighting position.

“Ok, in that case, I will go first!” Yamcha bumped his fists, smiled and walked to the front.

He was dressed in a Muten Roshi’s suit, stepping forward slowly and calmly. Nappa’s detector jumped to 1080. This wasn’t as high as the Saibamen, so Nappa was overjoyed, with a large smile appearing on his face.

The Saibamen could directly kill Yamcha, or so he though!

“Don’t hold back, give all you have.” Vegeta issued a cold order.