Chapter 16: The Saiyans Arrive!


On a sunny weekend, the cars on the street were dense and the pedestrians were flowing through the widewalks. The air-conditioning at the mall worked at max, and many people shuttled in, just to enjoy the cool while shopping for goods, while others went to the movies to relax.

People were enjoying their weekend like they always did…

Suddenly, two meteorite-like objects fell from the sky, piercing through the large dome of the shopping mall and hitting the ground. The earth shook violently, and the
floor surrounding the impact collapsed inwards forming a huge pit. Many huge surrouding buildings collapsed, and countless people fled in panic and confusion.

Gray smoke drifted up to the sky, fire burst, and explosions continued to spread, dropping down the surrounding buildings like pieces of domino, and shattering the roads in between them. Just when people were at a loss and rushed to flee, two people slowly came out of the smoke.

They were dressed in odd costumes; one was massive in size and bald, and one who was rather small but his face was full of pride. As the two walked through the fire and ruins, no signs of panic were shown among the crowd for a while. Nevertherless, they were all horrified, and a suddenly scream of a woman was enough to ignite a mass hysteria.

”Al… Aliens!!!”



For a while, it was extremely terrible; some people desperately fled, and some people were paralysed by fear.

“Hey, the humans don’t seem to know who we are.” Nappa looked around with disdain at the panicking crowd, “Let’s give them a greeting.” He said, raising his hand, extending two fingers, and opening his mouth with a very arrogant smile.

“Take this!”

In an instant, a powerful force rose, the ground exploded and shined through the sky! All the surrounding area was turned into ruin; humans, buildings, all was destroyed without a trace.

“Hahaha, this is my way of saying hello!” Nappa smirked and looked at the surrounding newly formed ruins.

Vegeta wiped the dust off of his suit, “Meaningless! Don’t forget the reason why we’re coming to Earth.” He glanced at Nappa. “If there any dragon balls in this area, our dream of living forever would be lost! Fool!”

“Oh… Yeah… Sorry about that, I was so excited, I didn’t think about it!” Nappa immediately realized that he almost caused great problem, and his face became very anxious.

“If Vegeta gets angry, I’m finished!”

Fortunately, Vegeta just reprimanded him a little. Although his voice was loud, there wasn’t much anger in his words.

“I will look for the strongest guy on this planet, the same strong enough person that kill Raditz.” Nappa said that, pressed the scouter, and suddenly a series of signals sounded : “Beep, beep, beep”

There were many signals, all seemingly gathered in one location.

“Something is not right, there are many warriors on this planet, all of which having a power level of over one thousand.”

“Hey, they are all in the same place. Are they trying to threatening us? Well, since they’re all together, they’re saving me the hastle of tracking them down, one by one!” Vegeta smirked.


Under Vegeta’s order, Nappa went toward the signal source.

At the same time, the warriors of Earth gathered, as they also felt the strong Ki of the Saiyans approaching them.

King Kai informed them of their arrival, so they were well prepared.

In order to reduce casualties, they deliberately chose the battle site to be a barren hills area, surrounded by lonely mountains. Only a few birds and beasts were nearby.

The wind carried the dust haze, scrapping it on everyone’s side, as they all looked firmly at the distance standing tall to the upcoming challenge.

Raditz stood at the forefront of everyone with a very serious look on his face.

“They’re coming!”

“The two Saiyans are very strong, I could feel their Ki all the way from here.”

Although Krilin was surprised, he didn’t panic, because Raditz and Goku in front of him were also Saiyans, and he knew that they were even stronger!

“Tien Shinhan what do you think?”

“Earthlings, if you are in danger, you should run away first. You have the lowest fighting power level among us. Don’t push your luck.” Tien Shinhan said with a look of anticipation, “Soon I shall be able to fight them. I can’t wait!”

“Ah… How amazing…” Gohan’s face showed some fear.

“Amazing?” Disdain showed at the corner of Piccolo’s mouth, and his face was full of confidence.

In the last month, he still practiced extremely hard, and he also sparred many times with Son Goku. He was much stronger than a month ago. In his thoughts, the two Saiyans were not only beatable, they weren’t even opponent of his!

He was standing besides Goku, wearing a very prestigious cloak and standing as calm as a mountain.

“Gohan, don’t be afraid. We have improved so much over the course of the past year. You have enough power to fight!” Piccolo said, seeing the young Gohan in sweat.

“Yes, Piccolo san.” After Piccolo’s encouragement, bravery was ignited within Gohan’s heart.

Son Gohan had always been trained by Piccolo. First Son Goku was not that good at teaching. Secondly, it was difficult for him to be as harsh as Piccolo with his own son. Piccolo, on the other hand, knew how to focus and teach very seriously.

The current Son Gohan, was not below Krilin in power level. He only lacked experience, he never had to face life and death on the battlefield. Therefore, he was to uptight. Goku deliberately let him stand behind him and gave him some support.

“Did you bring the senzu beans?” Raditz asked to Son Goku.

“I did. But Karin said that he only had three left.” Son Goku pointed to the small bag at the waist. “Right, wasn’t that Yajirobe coming? We haven’t seen his face yet!”

“Don’t worry about him, he will come out at the right time.”

“If they are at the same level: 18,000, then you won’t need my help; you won’t even need the senzu beans!” Goku smiled.

“Let’s hope so.” Raditz looked relaxed, but the sense of uneasiness he had on King Kai’s star once again hit his heart. He had indeed reached 20,000 power level. That, along with the Kaioken and the Spirit Bomb should be enough to deal with Vegeta. But the more he thought about, the more worried he felt.

Things had already changed from what he knew in the Anime. Could it be that his survival triggered changes across the universe?

Raditz had a headache, but never an answer. He looked at the sky anxiously, as he couldn’t help but feel that there was still a power hidden somewhere beyond his senses.

As we was almost lost in thoughts, Tien Shinhan shouted and saw a figure in the distance! Everyone stared at it fiercely, and sure enough, there were two white flames rushing toward them!

“Vegeta and Nappa, you are finally here!”