Chapter 15: 20.000!

Chapter 15: 20.000!

A month’s time was neither long nor short, but it was just right for Raditz to enjoy a period of life on Earth.

Over the course of the following days, he became already familiar with this good life.

Looking up, the sunshine coming from the east dimmed the earth with a golden layer, shining upon the white clouds that leisurely floated in the beautiful blue sky. It found its way through rows of buildings, embellishing the city with style.

On the wide road, there were a lot of vehicles, and Raditz held one arm on the car window with the other on the steering wheel, driving slowly in the bustling streets.

“Why isn’t the car in front moving yet?” Goku sighed impatiently.

“Haha, there is something in big citied called the morning traffic. It doesn’t matter if you’re driving the latest flying car or an ordinary one, like the one in front of us, one doesn’t not simply bypass traffic!” Raditz replied from the driver seat.

Krillin and Yamcha sitting behind also laughed: “Haha, Goku still has no driver license, and certainly hasn’t been on the streets for a long time.”

“Hey? Can you drive Krillin?”

Son Goku knew that Yamcha was a veteran driver, but he did not expect that Krillin would actually laugh along with him.

“Hey, I learned how to drive after the end of our first World Martial Arts Tournament!” Krillin smirked and took out his driver license. “Here Goku, look!”

“Why drive a car when you can fly directly?”

Raditz looked at Goku with disgust: “It is a pleasure to drive a car! Besides, always flying would be very bad to our bodies.”

Son Goku scratched his head, understanding only half of Raditz said.

“Why isn’t Gohan with us?”

“Well, Chi Chi doesn’t let him.”

“So Gohan didn’t get the opportunity to go out lately?” Imagining Chi Chi’s wrath, Krillin couldn’t help but smirk.

Raditz couldn’t keep himself for laughing. He had lived in Goku’s house since he came back. The first time she saw Goku’s brother, Chi Chi was extremely shocked. She made a big meal and was very hospitable. Raditz and Goku went out practice for eight hours every day, and then they did some farming work and everyday shores.

On weekends, the usely care-free Goku actually worked diligently around the house, all thanks to Raditz. Chi Chi admired the “good big brother” greatly.

But the poor Gohan was powerless before her wrath. After a year of missing courses, he was tied to his table by Chi Chi, instead of practicing with the others. Even Raditz was frightened by her pressure. When Chi Chi was angry, no one in the whole family dared to argue with her.

“Look at the situation, this road is totally blocked. Can’t we just fly away?” The bored Yamcha was looking through the car window, yawning.

At 7 o’clock in the morning, after taking their breakfast, Raditz took out Bulma’s newly purchased flying sports car and entered the most prosperous business district in the West Capital, and then… he got stuck in traffic!

Raditz shrugged: “There’s no way out!”

The guys got off the car and took it back into the capsule. They took a look at the street. The people who were drowning in boredom looked at them with surprise, wondering why they would do that.

But just then, their eyes almost popped out of the sockets in shock, as they watched the four flying directly into the sky!

“Am I dreaming?”

“I do not know either……”

“Hey, have you seen it? They fly!”

“Damn, why didn’t you record it!”

After a brief silence, there was a heated discussion in the crowd. Many people were still slapping their face, rubbing their eyes and pinching their thighs, thinking that they were dreaming…

As the four flew into the air, they were unobstructed all the way.

Underneath them, the traffic was still congested. Suddenly, several cars went sideways at the crossroads. The police shouted and gunshots could be heard.

On the other side of the street, there was the bank. Behind the door of a modified armored car, several people carried a machine gun and fired at the police.

“So this was happening at the bank! No wonder the traffic is blocked.”

Usually, this would be the time when Goku and his friends showed their power, Raditz thought. Sure enough, Goku went down, and Krillin and Yamcha immediately followed.

Raditz shook his head and went down vertically.

The four men landed, and Goku shouted “Raise your hands or I’ll go through your bullets”

“What do these idiots want to do! Looking for death? Hahahaha!” A gangster laughed wildly.

The police immediately ceased fire, fearing that they would accidently shout them. Seeing their “prey”, the gangster laughed mercilessly and shot their bullets at the four.

“Alright.” Raditz smiled scornfully, stepping out and picking them up.

With one hand, he instantely grasped over a dozen bullets. The rest of the four weren’t going to let him hog the spotlight, going forward and catching the bullets along with him. No one else could see anything, and before the gangster could react…

“Gling, gling, gling” The bullets landed on the ground.

What was ordinary for the team, made everyone else stunned : “What kind of people can catch bullets!” The gangsters were all shocked.

“Continue!” The boss yelled in anger.

The gangsters continued their onslaught, as if wanting to make a hell of raining lead. The four just casually walked through it all toward them.

Yamcha and Krillin easily stopped the bullets with one hand. Their clothes were slightly fluttering and the whole scene looked so majestic, attracting the beautiful girls who where staring from afar.

The policemen were scared, looking at the four people in disbelief. Other people were crying, in a mass hysteria.

At this moment, the gangster’s boss got into the car, picked up the rocket launcher, and aimed at Raditz:

“Haha, I still have this! Burn in hell!”

Seeing that the boss used the rocket launcher, all the gangsters stopped, and felt on the ground, hands on their heads. This thing could blow an armored vehicle, so they believed that it would vaporize Goku’s team.

Raditz cracked their fingers and sneered disdainfully.

“You!” The boss was very angry, and was also the master mind of the squad. With this in hand, he was so provocative. Then, furiously, he blasted the rocket, screaming wildly.

In an instant, Raditz blinked and burst through the air amazingly. A white energy shrouded his body, making ripples on the ground spreading in all directions away from him.

The rocket had not yet touched Raditz, when it was smashed and blown up by the surging energy!

Goku immediately rushed forward, three punchs and two kicks were enough for him to knocked down the gangsters, then he came to the side of the car to punch the door. An old man looked around and back at him, his snot sliding down his nose and his throat twitching as he raised his hand.

“You’re… not… human!”

The boss rushed out of the car, shouting: “Police, I surrender! Don’t let them beat me! I surrender!”

The policemen:”……”

“Let’s go!”

The four men left quickly, despite the shouts of the police and the people behind them. This was to become a legend, one of four unknow heroes that once appeared in the West Capital.

Raditz went to the mall to pick a few pieces of earth’s clothing; wearing that would be better than his battle suit in public.

On top of that, he also helped Goku pick a dress and a gift for Chi Chi. Krillin and Yamcha also bought some others things. Everyone chatted happily, and Raditz was joking around almost forgetting the strong enemy who was about to come.

At this time, Bulma was working hard at home. A month ago, Raditz asked her to increase the range and accuracy of his scouter. That was now nearing completion.

As she placed the scouter aside, a number flashed on the screen: 20,000!