Chapter 14: One Month Remaining

Chapter 14: One Month Remaining

After the last round, everyone finally recognized Raditz’s power. Even Piccolo kept a much lower profile, worked harder in training and taught Son Gohan more severely. In his spare time, he would often observe Goku’s hard training under the guidance of King Kai

The others also became more deeply aware of their own deficiencies and became more serious.

Time went by quietly, as they were so immersed in their training. Eventually, King Kai reminded them that it was almost time to meet the Saiyans.

“Excuse me King Kai, how long until they arrive?”

“Um… Well, in about a month’s time, a little later than I expected.” King Kai said; “It’s because their spacecraft encountered a planetary explosion in the universe that affected its trajectory.”

Goku heard King Kai and asked with doubt :

” So we only have another month to train?”

“Well…” King Kai wiped the sweat. “The fact is, you have already surpassed me. I have nothing more to teach you. You can train as much as you can, or just return to Earth.”

With his hands folded, he turned around and nodded slightly.

Under his sunglasses, deep fear showed in his eyes.

They didn’t need to stay any longer. King Kai’s little star already been ravaged and restored again and again, but if they would stay any longer, it would become very miserable.

After his car was smashed, King Kai managed to make run again. He could no longer even practiced his hobby of counting the blades of grass. The only thing he had left to do all day was playing with Bubbles. However, what was most unbearable was that his warehouse was about to be emptied. Everyone was so hungry after practicing, that they ravaged through his food supply. This was especially true for Raditz and Goku who ate dozens of time as much as everyone else.

At first he was just polite with them, letting them eat all they wanted. But he didn’t expect was that everyone would take it for granted, thanking him and eating mercilessly. By the end of the year, there wasn’t much left of his long-standing food supply, definitely not enough to last them another month.

King Kai made up his mind not to let them stay!

“But, on the Earth…” Goku frowned and said.

Just as Goku was about to argue, King Kai said loudly:


“Ah, ah, alright! alright!”

Goku waved his hand smiling, and stepped back.

Raditz stepped forward and pulled Goku back: “King Kai is right, we should go back to Earth, adapt to its environment in advance and rest.”

They had sufferedtrough too much hardship during their training; their bodies had reached their limits and another month of training wasn’t going to add much improvement. It was better to go back and take a rest.

Things started to deviate slightly from what he knew, making him a little concerned. In the original story, the Saiyans were to arrive one month in advance, but now it was taking them almost a year? Is this change merely a coincidence? Or would all things be different from now on?

Raditz clenched his fist, and felt a bit uneasy.

“Since he said so, let’s go back.” Yamsha said.

“We are stronger now” Krilin laughed and said; “Muten Roshi would be surprised to see us now! Son Gohan has also proven to be worthy of going Goku’s son and Piccolo’s training so effective for him”

“Ah? I…” Gohan shyly lowered his head.

Piccolo glanced coldly. “It’s not enough.”

After that, he snorted again. Although he was very strict, his eyes reveal an inexplicable concern.

These two were indeed the perfect sensei and apprentice combination… Raditz looks in his eyes and smiled inside.

He led the others to bid farewell to King Kai, jumping from King’s star to the top of the snake. King Kai sighed with sweat in his handkerchief and waved goodbye to everyone.

Goku was still reluctant to part with him. King Kai started waving faster:

“I will inform King Yemma to pick you up, just walk along the snake road and you will be fine! ”

“Got it!”

Raditz responded with a loud voice, waving to King Kai, and rushing out. Without the amplified gravity of King Kai’s star, he felt very light, almost floating in the clouds, merging with the passing winds around him.

“We all try to see who is the fastest!” Goku followed Raditz, and the air flowed around him, pulling out a long light and shadow.

“How cute!”

“I won’t lose!”

Everyone was motivated to fight, and bursted away with great energy. In the blink of an eye, they dissappeared.

Several airstreams passed through the sky, like meteors flying through the boundless other world.

After a few hours, Raditz first appeared in the serpent crossing, all sweaty. The journey of a million kilometers wasn’t a joke, and his speed was already very remarkable.

After a while, Son Goku appeared in the line of sight, and Piccolo was behind him, although the former had managed to keep his distance. Finally, they reached the serpent crossing on their feet.

After them, Krilin, Tien Shinhan, and Yamsha took another half an hour before they arrived with Gohan.

Son Gohan’s Ki was already strong, but it wasn’t good enough yet for him to use full speed flight,so he was naturally behind. He glanced timidly at Piccolo, who gave him a cold gaze.

“Are you the ones coming from King Kai’s planet?”

Suddenly, an official wearing a shirt and glasses held the book in front of everyone. His face was blue and he had two horns on his head. Other than that, he was no different from ordinary humans.

“This person is so strange.” Goku came over and curiously whisppered :

“He must be from the staff of King Yemma’s office, so it’s normal” Raditz whispered.

“I will take you to see King Yemma, it’s King Kai’s order. I’ll get you there, please get on the bus.”

The official led them to the bus and drove directly to King Yemma’s hall.

Indeed, the ogres were waiting there, and they welcomed them as soon as they appeared.

The ogres had the ability to shuttle freely between Earth and the planet they were in charge off. They held on to the group andin the blink of an eye, everyone left the hall.

They were back on Earth…

“I’m so light! So light!” Krilin shouted happily. He had just been able to experience the lightness of his body when running on the snake road. Now that he was back Earth, he felt rather weightless.

Raditz glanced at the sky, looking forward for Vegeta’s arrival.

“Come on, let us see the results of training, and the new strength of these earthlings!”