Chapter 13: Let’s Attack Together!

Chapter 13: Let’s Attack Together!

“Ah… It seems that even with Kaioken, I’m still no match for my brother!” Son Goku scratched his head and fell to the ground, somehow discouraged.

Piccolo suddenly appeared behind Goku, removed his hat and cloak, took a fighting posture, and spoke to Raditz:

“The second round is you against both of us. This time, we will beat you.”

Piccolo’s heart was full of self-confidence. On top of his training with Gohan and having the guidance of King Kai, he did extra training for himself since for many months now. He was not the same as he used to be half a year ago.

Two worthy opponents united against Raditz?! Others also stopped training and wanted to watch this.

“Are you sure that you two will be enough…” Raditz stepped forward: “Why not join up with everyone else, come on!”

“Hey! Watch it big mouth! What did you just say?!” Piccolo was so angry, and thought Raditz couldn’t be serious.

Others felt somewhat uncomfortable. Everyone trained so hard for so long, they were making progress, and transformed as fighters. Raditz’s words were rather insulting.

Goku looked at him seriously and clinched his fist tightly.

“He’s right. To be honest, if we don’t fight together and join our forces, we stand no chance of winning!” Goku said, watching Raditz floating in mid-air.

In his previous fight, Goku exhausted some of his strength, and understood very well that Raditz didn’t need to go all out when in Kaioken. When he was hit by that last punch, he saw the difference between him and his brother.

King Kai only tought Raditz and Goku his tricks. Piccolo’s temper was too agitated, and the rest didn’t meet the physics requirements for such techniques. King Kai didn’t want to spread his techniques around so easily. He wanted to teach only those who were worthy.

Undoubtedly, only Raditz and Goku achieved King Kai’s requirements.

But there was a gap between them in the use of Kaioken, which Goku saw. Raditz’s mastery over the technique was better. That’s why he was so confident and accepted to fight them.

“Since Goku said so, you two team up!” Krillin believed in them.

“Hey, shut up!” Piccolo answered with anger, and immediately dashed, rushing in first, while throwing out two green shock waves with both hands. His one meter diameter shock waves burned the air and made a buzzing noise as they were flying to Raditz.

As soon as the shock wave came in front of him, Raditz moved: He waved his hand and bounced the shock waves directly. The glare of the spurt flew far away, and what he did looked rather easy!

Nevertheless, Piccolo, even a little shocked, took the opportunity to appear behind him to target his neck with a Knife Hand Strike!

Raditz’s mouth showed a smile, his tail flickered, and hit backwards strongly! While it was just his tail, the strike to Piccolo’s waist was enough to throw him several meters back!

“Losing your memory or something? Did you forget about this weapon?” Raditz swayed his tail, turned around and waved to the others.

“Come along guys.”

“If we are welcome, then let’s go!” Tien Shinhan suddenly rushed in, and launched a vicious attack.

Krilin, Chiaotzu and Yamcha followed him, surrounding Raditz. The four guys attacked him quickly and vigorously. Hundreds of attacks were launched from all directions at the same time, leaving him no space to dodge!

“Ah, dadadadadada…”

The offensive came in like a storm, and Raditz greeted it by blocking the attacks one by one, as if he had grown eight hands and had more than enough speed to deal with that siege..

The fight’s sound could be heard from a distance, and the clouds around the little planet were receding from the thousands of impacts.

The four tried to go even faster and to hit harder, but Raditz faced them with a cold look! It was incredible. The more they fought, the less they seemed to be able to go through his defense, and they were all biting their teeth, looking for a window to attack!

Krillin jumped back and shouted :

“Close your eyes!”

With the voice, he opened his fingers, his hands facing forward, and the bald head shined brightly!

Solar Flare!


Raditz shouted slightly instinctively closed his eyes as if they were pierced by needles under the strong light. The burning sensation left in his eyes made him unable to see anyone for a while.

At this time, Tien Shinhan and Yamcha attacked from the sides. Yamsha used his Wolf Fang Fist, and his punching speed became astonishingly fast, as several wolves were fiercely attacking Raditz to engulf him into a storm.

Right as his attacks were about to land on Raditz, the situation changed!

Raditz started to perceive his Ki already. Although he was momentarily blind, he could still sense their energy, so he threw a barrage of Ki waves from both hands to the left and right, and then while continuing the attack, he gathered his arms in the middle.


“Whiz, whiz”

The two figures fell straight from the sky and were brought to their knees on the ground, forming huge pits. Two massive craters were formed by the impact from their landing, and the ripples extending to reach King Kai’s feet.

King Kai watched his own planet being riddled with holes, and was very distressed. He kept thinking of sending these “bastards” back to fight on Earth. But nobody paid any attention to him…

Raditz knew that the fight was not over yet, suddenly feeling stronger energy gathering from the bottom, a strong energy was condensed at one point, ready to explode:


No doubt! It was indeed Goku’s Kamehameha!

Raditz was excited to fight back. His whole body was tense for an instant, bursting out with a very strong flame all around it. With his hands down, he also gathered energy:

“Full Power Energy Wave!”

The dazzling light beams collided in midair, forming a huge sphere of energy at the collision point. The surrounding airflow was as sharp as a blade, franticly making whizzing sounds all around

At the same time, the others tried to take down Raditz by overwhelming him with their power, and Piccolo also rushed in from the side!


Goku seized the opportunity, using his whole power, his whole body showed a bright red radiance, and his Kamehameha’s power immediately doubled. His muscles fixed themselves and his veins popped out on his forehead as it became sweaty.

The sphere of light in the middle quickly started getting closer to Raditz and was about to drown him.

Raditz, barely resisting the initial Kamehameha, already gnashed his teeth. Although the attack of the Earthlings was to have no effect, Piccolo’s attack worried him. Helpless, he had to use all his power


In the blink of an eye, the power of his shock wave doubled, suppressing the Kamehameha, and a dangerous light ball approached Goku!

Then, Raditz’s figure suddenly disappeared in thin air, and his red flame “brushed” into Piccolo’s back, as he delivered a Ki infused Knife Hand Strike to the back of his head.

Piccolo was sent to the ground, unconscious.

At the same time, Goku managed to defuse Raditz’s Full Power Energy Wave, but his hands were numb. He kept his Kaioken, but lost a lot of stamina. As Raditz rushed to attack him, Goku was practically defenseless.

Like the 1st time, Goku was already out of energy, and Raditz’s single punch almost pierced through him.

“Ha!” Piccolo, once again, pursued the fight and launched an attack with several Energy Missiles.

Raditz dodged them with full speed, without leaving a shadow, and suddenly appeared in front of him, flanking him off with a kick. Goku took all Piccolo’s missiles.

“What?” Suddenly, a moment of inattention, Raditz felt weird and looked up. Tien Shinhan’s Kikoho was ready and from another side, a round Ki blast also stared at him, it was Yamcha’s!

“How can you win with that?!”

Raditz preemptively opened his arms and created an invisible energy force shield. With that, their energy attacks should bounce back to them quickly!

Kikoho was fired and flew into the yellow sea of clouds. While Yamcha’s attack actually went at Raditz from the other side.

They gritted their teeth painfully as their attacks went towards Raditz, but in a heartbeat, they couldn’t see him anymore.

“I’m here.”

A cold voice froze their blood.



Once again, Tien Shinhan and Yamcha were knocked down to the ground, and the tenacious Piccolo, who rushed again, was kicked back again. Krilin and Chiotzu raised their hands and conceded defeat. Goku went through this round, and was once again overwhelmed.

In the end, Raditz emerged as victorious. He was panting heavily, but his face never lost its smile.

King Kai’s face was gloomy and his lips trembled he watched his devastated little planet. Even his car; all that was left of it was four wheels near his house, and a lonely steering wheel far away on whatever was left of his drive way. If he could swear, then he would have only two words to say to all of them!