Chapter 12: Training

Chapter 12: Training

King Kai’s Ki Blasts formed everywhere and flew towards Raditz from every possible angles.

Raditz’s actions were slightly slowed down by holding Gohan.

Fortunately, he was already familiar with this level of gravity, and he was fully capable of high-speed dodging. He managed to jump through the intensive Ki bombardment and repeatedly escaped every attack. In no time, dozens of attacks came and went, and Raditz dodged each time.

“It seems easy for him.”

King Kai was secretly surprised by the Saiyan’s power, and immediately shouted: “Ok, let’s speed it up!”

As he spoke, King Kai suddenly launched a more violent attack, moving his hands faster, and launching Ki Blasts along with them.

The first Blasts rubbed Raditz’s back, almost hitting him, surprising. With no delay for him to react, the second and third blasts came immediately one after another. Raditz had to pick up speed, and things became more difficult.

“Bang!” The third shot hit him.

With the sound of the explosion and smoke filling the air, Raditz fell into the ground rolling a few times.

He felt his internal organs trembling, and severe pain going through every nerve. Worse, Gohan was also stunned by the explosion and fell directly on his chest, momentarily losing breath.

“Damn it, it’s still a long way…”

Raditz smiled and stood up again to keep training.

In this way, everyone else was immersed in the training, without slacking. Every day, King Kai told everyone of the Saiyans’ progress, so that they would remain under pressure and train harder.

On top of his current training, Raditz also did some physical exercises every day, ones more difficult than what the others did. He also was progressing faster. King Kai praised him, and was also admiring the Saiyan’s great fighting potential.

It took a month, but Goku and Piccolo finally caught Bubbles and then were able to join Raditz. Others continued to struggle to catch the ape. Son Gohan also proved worthy of his Saiyan blood, and gradually, he became familiar with the gravity and could move slowly.


Over the course following six months, almost everyone achieved great progress under King Kai’s guidance. Raditz chose Goku as his training partner, while Piccolo and the others couldn’t keep up. Piccolo was given Gohan as partner, in order to harness his Saiyan potential, while the others, in pairs, began their combat training.


Loud noises shook the surface of King Kai’s planet, with two shadows crisscrossing in mid air, too fast for many trained eyes to see. As they sent barrages of punches at each other, they created a seemingly never ending wind, wrinkling the grass “coat” of the little planet!

These were Goku and Raditz!

The two staggered shadows stopped in the air and turned around again to engage.

Goku wielded his right fist, and hit Raditz’s face with a hook. The powerful impact drove the wind along with it and the air swirled. Raditz stretched out his left hand without hesitation. Goku’s next punch missed, and Raditz took the opportunity to grab his wrist!

Goku wanted to escape, but he was less powerful than Raditz; all he could do was trying to hit his brother with a high kick. Raditz anticipated his move, put up his right arm blocking kick. He then turned his wrist and grabbed Goku’s ankle. With both his brother’s ankle and wrist in his hands, he swirled in mid air throwing Goku down


The ground was smashed and Goku was lying in the middle of a deep pit in agony.

“It’s not done yet.” Raditz, to assure his victory, released several Ki Blasts in a row, just as King Kai trained him, to hit Goku.

The latter immediately jumped out of the crater and quickly evaded the attacks. At the same time, he managed to approach Raditz as he was fleeing. He was now adapted to the burden of the gravity, and did not have his heavy clothes on. He was extremely fast. After several flashes, he came next to Raditz.

“Ha!” Raditz, out of caution, kicked to his side.

The sweeping side kick was going towards Goku, drawing a sharp arc in mid-air, and successfully hit him straight in the waist.

At this very moment, red radiance was emitted from Goku’s body, and from afar, he looked like a bright red flame. In a flash, Goku disappeared, and even Raditz could not see him anymore.


With no delay, Goku appeared behind him, with his hands clasped together as a hammer, pointed directly at his head.

At this critical moment, Raditz twisted his body but it was too late and almost impossible for him to avoid Goku’s attack. The violent strike managed to hit the shoulder of his battle suit, shattering it completely.

Goku continued to attack, relying mainly on physical attacks, launching several punches in a row.

“Don’t get too cocky!” Raditz, who somehow managed to avoid the 1st hit, adjusted his posture, and then began to fight back. Both sides went on a frenzied attack. They were so fast that their fists couldn’t be seen; only their shadows remained.

Hundreds of punches went back and forth, Raditz and Goku became more and more excited, and their Saiyan blood was ignited, as they were using the most instinctive and most intense of all fighting methods: hand to hand combat!

Their punches’ collision made violent waves. “Ah, dadadadadada…”

Son Goku became more and more fierce, Kaioken greatly powered him up, bringing him to Raditz’s level, and beyond.

In contrast, Raditz was being gradually overpowered by Goku, and Kaioken started to make the difference between them.

“Haaaaaa!” Under such pressure, Raditz gnawed his teeth and suddenly used Kaioken too! Red light burst out around him, like a burning flame, and his power level soared.

Goku was not willing to give him room to breathe, continuing his fast attack. The figures of the two went through the air, and then collided loudly every time. Like a storm, air ripples blew into the square. The second time they went at each other, Raditz managed to get one of his punches through Goku’s defense, and it went on to hit his chest, looking like it was about to drill through Goku’s body before throwing him away!

With this blow, Goku hit the ground again, and within a deep pit, his Kaioken faded away.

This situation triggered Raditz’s arrogance:

“My foolish brother, do you really think you could beat me with such skills!”

After these words, Raditz actually felt a little embarrassed.

Seeing that everyone else looked at him blankly, his face turned red he felt more ashamed.

“Wow, he’s amazing!” Gohan took the lead and exclaimed.

“Yeah, that’s Raditz for you!”

“Goku’s brother is much stronger than him.”

“Every time I think I’ve made enough progress, I look that way and remember I still have to train hard!”

Piccolo was the only one who didn’t praise him; he actually used this diversion to hit Gohan’s head: “Where are you looking! We are fighting!”

As he spoke, his punch had already reached Gohan’s face, making a slight sound.


Raditz lowered his guard, still surprised by the sudden reversal, and the others remained speechless.

After a few seconds Son Goku slowly got up, and Raditz was still lost in thoughts. If he didn’t just use Kaioken, Goku might have actually beaten him. His brother’s talent was incredible indeed, and he was actually improving at a faster rate.

“I have to train harder!”