Chapter 11: King Kai

Chapter 11: King Kai

They looked around King Kai’s planet, and besides a small house, they could only see a few lonely trees, a driveway and an antique car in the center of the planet.

King Kai’s dwelling place looked boring, and his house seemed also empty. No wonder King Kai wanted to have company like a servant or a pet. As a hobby, he liked to spy on the world, but if not, it was also justifiable for him to sleep for many years like Beerus. Time here was really boring!

Just as they were looking around, an ape appeared.

“King Kai has appeared!” Tien Shinhan, being the first to spot the ape, yelled at everyone.

“Is that King Kai?!”

“Does he actually look like an ape?”

“No, it shouldn’t… it’s not him…” Piccolo made a guess and shook his head.

Suddenly, Goku started to practice while following the ape, shouting “Ooh Uh Uh Uh,” while waving his arms.

Krilin and Gohan looked at each other and didn’t know if they should follow Goku’s lead.

“Cough… What are you doing?” A man with a pair of long antennae on his head came out of the house, wearing a strange costume, with a pair of sunglasses.

No doubt, he was indeed King Kai.

Raditz was the first to walk over and respectfully said: “Hello King Kai. We came from Earth and we want you to train us!”

King Kai saw Raditz’s very sincere attitude and nodded.

“Earth… It should not have been easy for you to come here. I haven’t met people for a long time!” King Kai looked very excited when he saw so many people.

“But if you want to train, you have to pass my test!”


“I am a joke-telling genius. If you can tell me a joke and make me laugh, I will accept to train you!

Come on, give it a try it. It’s not that hard. King Kai was complacent and looked at Goku, walking on the road. “Don’t run away with my pet. It’s called Bubbles, and he can’t teach you anything”

“Ah! It’s your pet!” Goku said, frustrated.

Piccolo looked at Goku’s face, and the corner of his mouth twitched a bit. What a dilemma… Asking Piccolo to tell a joke; that in itself was the biggest joke of all…

Most of the eight were shocked and never expected such a bizarre test.

Gohan was still young, and therefore was able to evade it. Yamcha and Krilin both easily passed King Kai’s test. Raditz also knew different kinds of jokes and easily succeeded. King Kai praised him: “You must be a master of jokes!”

The rest, Tien Shinhan, Piccolo and Goku were puzzled, and they didn’t have any jokes idea. Eventually, with everyone’s help, they barely passed the test.

King Kai took out his handkerchief and wiped the tears of laughter in his eyes, and said with a deep voice: “It seems that you are all prepared. But there is no way I would teach you how to train yet. Come; let me see your strength first”

What King Kai did next did not look impressive to them. He joined his feet, and raised his arms and dropped them, striking a salute pose. They stared at him, thinking he couldn’t be serious, but then found that they had no choice but to do the same.

Under the effect of multiplied gravity, they weren’t just going to struggle fighting, several of them even struggled to take the pose. Finally, they succeeded.

“It seems that you have not yet adapted to the gravity here. On Earth, gravity is around one tenth of what we have on this planet. It’s simply incomparable.”

King Kai relaxed and looked at Bubbles: “Well, you’re going to try and chase Bubbles. Whoever can catch him will be qualified to get my training!”

Catching the ape actually sounded fun!

“Yes!” Goku and the others immediately agreed, and were in high spirit.

Goku gave Gohan to King Kai. He was to adapt to the environment more slowly. He still believed firmly in his son’s potential with the Sayian blood coursing through his veins.

“Son Goku, I won’t lose to you this time!” Piccolo took the lead marching behind the ape.

Even though he was dressed in heavy cloths, he was still faster than everyone else.

Besides Goku who caught up with him quickly, the rest of them struggled, and a great distance formed slowly between the two lots.

Bubbles was very calm staring at these “slow dumb earthlings” approaching him. He paid no attention to them, jumping around and disappearing, leaving them way behind.

King Kai was looking at them rather proudly as he guided the poor Gohan to his place, when he suddenly spotted Raditz.

“Why won’t you try with them?”

“This level of gravity has no effect on me! I want to start training directly!”

King Kai frowned as he looked at Raditz battle suit and tail. His face changed slightly: “Are you a Saiyan? No wonder, your planet’s gravity is similar to here. Why are you getting along with these earthlings?”

“Well, within a year, two Saiyans will be attacking Earth. In order to be able to face them, we came here. By any means, I need to train in order to fight them.”

“The Saiyans… that’s urgent indeed! But aren’t you yourself one of them?!” King Kai was a little confused.

“I am…. different from them, I want to stop them.”

“I sense no evil in you indeed.”

‘Of course, back in my world, I was always being picked as one of the community’s exemplary young men!‘ Raditz thought to himself.

In fact, Raditz’s soul had been replaced, so even if King Yemma’s record book didn’t change, the current Raditz was a complete good man.

King Kai’s two antennaes trembled, as if they were receiving a signal.

“Let me see… Well, indeed, they are coming to the earth. There are at least ten month remaining for them to come, so don’t worry, the training here will quickly improve your strength. However, one of them is very powerful, I am afraid that despite my training, he might still be quite the formidable opponent!”

“No problem, I am also a Saiyan!” Raditz spoke confidently: “Please train me as soon as possible.”

He was confident that he should be able to deal with the two incoming Saiyans. However, this still did not satisfy Raditz. The remaining training time wasn’t that much. What about Frieza behind them? And what about all the other ambitious fellows in the universe? He would remain far away from their level!

Therefore, he attached a great importance to train with King Kai. At this stage, he would be the best teacher. Although King Kai’s strength might be lower than all these fows, his training methods were worth learning. In fact, Raditz especially came to learn King Kai fiercest technique: Kaioken!

Sensing Raditz’s firm intention, King Kai could not help but think to himself: “This fellow is not bad, maybe he could be one to master the Kaioken!”

“Well, let’s start the first training then! Hold this child and then try to avoid my attacks!”

King Kai threw Son Gohan to Raditz.

“You must keep yourself and this child from getting hit. If you succeed, we’ll proceed to the second training.”

Protecting Son Gohan? Raditz held his nephew who was too tired to speak in his hand, somewhat excited

“Gohan, don’t be afraid.” After that, he took a defensive stance, and King Kai immediately attacked.

In the blink of an eye, overwhelming Ki bombs were fired at Raditz!