Chapter 10: No time to explain

Chapter 10 – No time to explain

When Raditz entered to the Dragon Ball world, he couldn’t wait to witness Shenron. He was the first to call on the dragon, and his voice was so loud, shaking the island.

Indeed, he was barely able to restrain his inner excitement. Staring at the shining seven balls, he didn’t dare to blink, fearing that he would miss a key scene.

The mottled light spots faded under the coconut trees, and the sky was covered with an iron-black curtain. A gust of wind stirred up the waves, blowing Raditz’s long hair and everyone’s clothes.

The seagulls were so scared, immediately rushing away, and then a golden ray of light fell from the sky, turning into a thunderbolt. At the same time, a deafening huge humming sound came from the void, and the immense shape of a dragon swayed before everyone, grinding through the air in the dark!

“So this is it… Shenron… much larger than I ever imagined…” Raditz looked up at the behemoth in front of him, and felt that time had stopped. Such a magnificent scene, it was like a dream!

Everyone else had already seen the dragon. There was no surprise, so they remained relatively calm.

The immense bright figure was flying higher and higher, hovering over them and hanging in the air. Within the golden light, scales, claws, a long beard, dragon horns all formed slowly… Finally, the complete dragon emerged the golden light. His head was close to everyone, his red eyes bright and he said directly direct:

“Speak forth thy wish! I shall grant thee any one wish!”

Raditz cleared up his mind, and suddenly had an idea! He asked: “Dragon, do you know where I came from?”

The people were stunned and didn’t expect such question. What was his problem? Didn’t they just have to be sent to King Kai for training? All of them, let alone Shenron, knew that two Saiyans would come soon to attack Earth.

Raditz gave the dragon with a solemn look, and his eyes faintly revealed strong expectations. He expected Shenron to tell him the purpose of his journey. Even more, he wanted to know if he could ever return to his original world. After all, he came with a wish in mind. Can’t he just ask to go back!

Shenron was silent for a while, and finally said:

“I know where you are from. But I am sorry, I can’t send you back, that exceeds my capabilities!”

Capabilities? Raditz nodded slightly and was somewhat overwhelmed.

Indeed, he came from another dimension, even the dragon may not be able to act through two dimensions. But he came here, and couldn’t go back? What a joke! Originally, he only intended to experience some fun in the Dragon Ball World, see some legendary figures, like Goku or Piccolo, and then return to his original world.

Although he had long thought about the consequences of not going back, but now with that becoming inevitable, Raditz became overwhelmed.

But what else could he try? Even Shenron couldn’t get him back to his world!

Raditz closed his eyes, took a deep breath, and a sense of emptiness arose within him, as if the world had been cut apart. He started to accept the fact that he was to remain in Raditz’s body for good. In order to remain credible in the eyes of others, he had no choice but to accept this, as Goku trusted him for now.

Suddenly, a voice rang in his consciousness: “That power that brought me here may still be out there somehow! I have to find the origin of this power. This is… This is the voice of Shenron! And it’s talking directly to me!” Raditz reacted instantly.

He quickly looked up at Shenron, saying quickly:

“What about the other Dragon Balls? The Namekian Dragon Balls or even the Super Dragon Balls?”

“I don’t know, those unknown things are beyond my ability. You’ll need to find the answer yourself.” When Shenron finished his sentence, everything seemed to move again.

Raditz regained his spirit. He wanted to find the answer! Beside, if he couldn’t go back, then, why not live a great life here!

“What’s wrong? Is there any problem?” Goku saw the radical change in Raditz’s behavior and approached him with great concern.

“No, nothing. I haven’t seen Shenron before, so I was quite impressed. No need to explain. Stand by my side, everybody.” Raditz waved to everyone.

Piccolo, who stood by his side, brought Gohan. Muten Roshi refused to come, choosing to stay in the turtle house and read lewd magazines. He was too lazy to practice, and he also knew all too well that the future of the world has long been handed over to the younger generation.

The massive head of Shenron approached with urging words :

“What is your wish? If you do not say it, I will leave.”

“Please send us to King Kai’s Planet!”

“To King Kai? That’s easy to do.”

As his eyes flashed red, a faint light film appeared on everyone’s bodies, and in the blink of an eye, they all disappeared.

In the sky, Shenron’s voice could be heard: “Your wish has been granted.”

After that, he turned into a beam of light, rushing into the sky, and then turning into seven dragon balls that hovered in the sky for a short while before scattering again around the world!

The clouds were scattered, the calm sky restored its blue color, and seagulls were soaring again between the clouds, making their sounds cheerfully. The sea breeze continued to blow, with the sound of waves completing this music of nature!

Muten Roshi carried his hand and muttered to himself: “I can’t help but feel a little uneasy. More Saiyans Saiyans are coming, and Piccolo joined the party of good and justice…”

“Why is he talking to himself?”

“He’s having some pervy hallucinations?” Bulma guessed.

Oolong crossed his hands and smiled: “Please Old man, let me see these young girls.”

Muten Roshi shook his head helplessly and sighed deeply.

In the other world, the warriors were transported by Shenron, and with a “Whoosh” sound, all eight of them reached the small planet, making it suddenly look rather crowded.

As soon as they arrived, everyone, besides Raditz, was brought to their knees. Gohan became unable to even move slightly. Gravity on this planet was 10 times that of earth!

Although Raditz felt it, he immediately was able to adapt adapted. After all, his body experienced the same thing on planet Vegeta, where gravity was similar to this small planet

“What… what’s going on? I feel heavy!” Krilin hardly bit his teeth and tried to stand up straight.

On the other side, Goku and Piccolo, managed to move, even though they were rather stiff and slow.

“Gravity here is ten times that of Earth. It’s similar to our planet, Vegeta. You will have to fight strong enemies who grew up in a similar environment.”

“The Saiyans… They’re really scary!” Tien Shinhan could not help but grin.

Despite his strong body, it was also very hard for him to walk under the crushing pressure of gravity. It was hard for him to imagine how the Saiyans trained since their childhood

Raditz, who was moving freely, aroused their jealousy and ignited their fighting spirit!