Chapter 1: Selected by the Dragon Balls

Chapter 1: Selected by the Dragon Balls

In the darkness, two voices were calling.

Zhang Chen heard the voices in his sleep, struggled to wake up, he blinked hard, his consciousness broke through the darkness, and he managed to get up.

“This… this is…” At the moment he opened his eyes, he was stunned.

The land in front of him was a mess; scorched corpses and severed limbs were all over, the trees were tilted westward, and the cracks in the deep pits spread to the distance.

What about his own bed? Wasn’t he sleeping at home? Was this just a dream?

“A lowly soldier will stay lowly. You actually fainted.” An indifferent voice came from the side, and he crept out as if a knife was put upon his neck.

Zhang Chen’s eyes got used to the light as he turned around, just to scream: “Mama! Vegeta and Nappa?! I’m actually seeing the Saiyans from Dragon Ball! It is actually a dream!”

He slapped his face, just to scream again! “This is not a dream!”

Nappa looked at him curiously: “Hey, you can’t be this stupid!”

“What a useless waste!” Vegeta looked at him from the side with distain.

The realness of the pain, and vividness of his touch made him realize that it was not a dream. He touched one end of his long flowing hair, and looked at the battle suit he wore and at his flexible tail, and instantly realized his identity: The brother of Son Goku, Raditz!

Zhang Chen was a fan of Dragon Ball, a series that was both action-packed and funny. It was the ultimate classic for him back when he was really young. Manga, and self-made cosplay costumes piled up in his room. The seven Dragon Balls of the story often ignited his fantasies. If such magical items really existed, life would become a colorful adventure.

Even though he knew that it was impossible, he bought seven Dragon Balls off the Internet. He thought they would be of ordinary quality. So when they arrived, he was surprised by how heavy and beautiful they were.

Each of the seven Dragon Balls that met his eyes was crystal clear, and felt smooth like jade. The stars inside flashed a faint glow in the daytime, like brilliance was flowing on their surface.

They made a sound so crisp and ethereal, touching the heartstrings.

Zhang Chen caressed the crystal balls and thought: If you can fulfill a wish, take me to the world of Dragon Ball, to be a Saiyan or something.

After that, he put the seven precious balls in the centre of his window, surrounding them with red cloth padding, and they looked as gorgeous as a treasure. He laid down to take a nap and then…
“Would I go through?”

The thing is that he really became a Saiyan, the one with the most tragic story, Raditz.

His appearance in the story was short lived. Zhang Chen often questioned why Goku brought back Vegeta, and never thought of his older brother. Perhaps, he sarcastically thought, it was out of Jealousy of his long hair!

His past fantasies of going to the Dragon Ball World suddenly became reality, which made him really emotional. Although unbelievable, but now he had become Raditz, that was reality.

The 1st thing he should do was figuring out the situation and surviving.

“Hey, Raditz, you haven’t lost your memory have you?” Seeing him lingering for such a long time, Nappa asked.

“No it’s nothing! I just hit my head; still feeling a little dizzy that’s all.”

“Hey…” Said Vegeta coldly. “If it wasn’t for the survival of the Saiyan Race, I would have killed you already.

Raditz had nothing to say. After all, he was only an inferior warrior, and he hadn’t even overcome the weakness brought by his tail.

In the Dragon Ball World, one could not afford to be weak.

“After all, Raditz’s bloodline is too weak. But then again, the planet we attacked is really difficult to deal with. These people have no high fighting capacity, but there are too many of them.” Nappa grinned.

“What a joke. These clowns must be eradicated as soon as possible.”

Raditz listened to their conversation and roughly understood what was going on.

The three men were attacking the planet and encountered difficulties. After this, he should probably be heading to the earth to find Son Goku, and then be killed according to the plot, removing him from the stage of Dragon Ball. Ahead of him, a grim story was awaiting

Nappa suddenly turned his eyes. “Hey, I was saying Raditz, don’t you have a brother who was sent out? And although he must be a lowly soldier, he’s a purebred Saiyan? If there are still more difficult planets ahead of us, four people are better than three. You must go and bring him.”

“Don’t tease me, Nappa! The brother of such trash, whose power level is not even a thousand, should not be worth the trouble.” Vegeta said disdainfully, for a moment, and suddenly looked at Raditz, “Well, even if useless, when the full moon comes, they should always have some strength. If you bring him over, let him know what the real Saiyan people are.”

Raditz shivered with fear.

Was this pressure and momentum he felt caused by the gap in strength? Sure enough, Vegeta was in another league.

“I see, when we finish, I will go to my brother.” Raditz nodded slightly.

He was not yet able to confront Vegeta at the moment, and he could only obey.

“Leave it us to solve it here. With your power, your absence shouldn’t make much difference!” Nappa said proudly, laughing..

The Saiyans were born with inherited pride, claiming to be a fighting nation, and once they become Giant
Apes, their destructive fighting power would become enough to make the inhabitants of most planets tremble. In fact, in the eyes of other creatures in the universe, the Saiyan people are just brutal and aggressive, but they never realize this.

How one’s born in this fighting nation determined their status. People like Prince Vegeta, born with a power level measured by the hundred, are on top. Nappa was also born in a renown family, and had great talent. He experienced many battles and had great pride as well.

Lower power level at birth made people like Goku and Raditz belong to the lowliest of the Saiyans. To middle class and superior fighters, they were nothing. Therefore, even in peace time, Raditz was also frowned upon by his two companions, and he had no right to speak at all.

“No way!” Now that he had come to the world of Dragon Ball, Zhang Chen couldn’t die so easily. He had to be strong, stronger than Nappa, stronger than Vegeta, stronger than any enemy and even stronger than Son Goku in the future!

Looking at Vegeta and Nappa with a cold eye, Raditz made up his mind to start training on this planet. Unlike the Saiyans, earth’s training methods are more effective and reasonable, and their use led to the birth of so many powerful warriors on the weak planet Earth. Despite his low starting point, Raditz had the confidence in surpassing everyone through practice.

He climbed up from the ground and took the initiative: “I’ll find some food.”

“Well, it’s up to you, don’t be killed by them!” Vegeta said lightly.

Raditz nodded and tried to jump into the air, but he couldn’t stay in up for long. After several unsuccessful attempts, he gave up and ran out on his legs.

Nappa and Vegeta behind him looked puzzled.

Yes, Raditz could not fly!