Most frequently asked questions and answers

The Novel Temple is a group of translators formed in late 2018, around the idea of delivering good quality, free and complete fan translations of our favorite Chinese Novels. You can learn more about us here!

At the moment, translations Chinese novels are what we provide on this site. However, this does not rule out the possibility of us hosting original novels or translations from other languages in the future!

NOTHING! Our plan is to offer complete translations of the novels we like for free! However, if you want to support our translators, you can do so on Patreon (Here) and get early access to the freshly translated chapters!

It would depend on the novel, how hard the translation is to edit, and whether or not we actually can make it happen. No matter what, use the the contact form bellow, and we’ll reach out to you if we are interested. 

Absolutely! The more traffic you help bring to the site, the more support we could get overall. Sharing the novels you like and giving novels high rating in Novel updates are just examples of what you can do to help! No matter how you choose to support us, thank you!

Yes, please do. The translators appreciate help in cleaning up any typos. The most efficient way is to do so in the comment section. However, if it’s an old chapter, it might be better to use the contact form in the translator’s profile.

We’ll thankful if you report the problem to us, and we will work on solving it. Contact Sensei through his contact form (here). If you are a patron of his, you can also reach out to him through messages on Patreon.

Contact Sensei through his contact form (here). If you are a patron of his, you can also reach out to him through messages on Patreon. Many features are to be added in the future, you can check them out here!