Odino Sama

Chapter 4: The Mystical “Kame Style”

Facebook Twitter VK M.D.B Chapter 4: The Mystical “Kame Style” Odino Sama January 19, 2019 Chapter 4: The Mystical “Kame Style” “Boss Lee, you haven’t answered my question.” “Sorry for being so rude, I’ve been quite surprised.” Hearing Danny, Saint apologized, and then nodded acknowledging: “Yes, I can use Ki to cook the Barbecue. Danny …

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Chapter 12: Training

Facebook Twitter VK D.B.Z:A.R Chapter 12: Training Odino Sama January 16, 2019 Chapter 12: Training King Kai’s Ki Blasts formed everywhere and flew towards Raditz from every possible angles. Raditz’s actions were slightly slowed down by holding Gohan. Fortunately, he was already familiar with this level of gravity, and he was fully capable of high-speed …

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